KODAK Gallery to offer social sharing discounts on holiday offers

For all their faults, give KODAK a bit of credit for doing something interesting with their social media presence. The Sacremento Bee picks up on a press release that I also got, but I’ll actually do the work of translating for you, rather than just posting the PR (which is below, if you’re into that sort of thing).

The gist is this: buy a KODAK Gallery product – they’re offering three different packages, made up of photo calendars, cards and other stuff – and then share it with your friends for a discount. Really, this is a way to cut the middle man – Groupon, I’m looking in your direction – out of the loop and get the social media bang out of holiday spending.

KODAK Gallery Partners with SocialTwist for “Holiday Value Packs” – PR Newswire –

By Tommy Belknap

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