NASA schedules unmanned test flight for Orion spacecraft for 2014

I would resist the temptation to hold your breath for this one. Still, its good to see plans being made for new American spacecraft and interesting to see the new technology they’re working on.

NASA’s press release says they’re working on both spacecraft and reentry technology for longer space travel missions. Reentry is particularly critical, as deep space exploration vehicles will likely be entering Earth’s atmosphere at significantly higher rates of speed, thus requiring better heat shielding. The presser says they’re looking to test reentry speeds in excess of 20,000 MPH.

The current scheduled test is for the Lockheed-Martin Orion spacecraft pictured above. However, a competitive bidding process is underway as well. For more details, see the full text of the press release below:

via NASA – NASA Proposes Orion Spacecraft Test Flight In 2014.

By Tommy Belknap

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