Your Top 5 Articles for 02/03 ~ Its all about the content

Content is king. That’s the maxim of the Internet. But it’s also the theme of this week’s Top Five. From R-rated content to incriminating DNA content, from the Grey Lady’s news content to the crazy lady’s text content to the contents of a water dish. We’ve even got Billy Crystal in “blackface.”

Great week, this week! And if you haven’t done it, yes, I’m still alienating my audience by insisting they fill out a reader survey. I only do it because I love you and well, you’re so special and I don’t want to screw it up. Smiley face! See you next week!
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Overrated: Bully’s R rating should mean the end of the MPAA – Culture – GOOD

Restricted in this case meaning: irrelevant.

Rules are rules, as they say. But when a movie comes out aimed at getting kids to talk about bullying and the MPAA slaps an R rating on it, rules are also kind of pointless.

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NYT’S new paywall: it’s about value » DragonFlyEye.Net

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As publishing media outlets struggle to make digital work, the NYT leads the way towards a paywalled media world.. or does it?

This is actually a repost from a few months ago, when the NYT originally announced that they were going paywall. But since Gannett has announced similar plans, I thought it would be worth a look back at my thoughts at the time – which I think are even more relevant for Gannett properties than the Grey Lady. Apparently, you agreed.

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How 16-year-old DNA evidence may solve a cold case murder in Greece » DragonFlyEye.Net

New technology is pushing the bounds of what DNA evidence can do.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s office has sent DNA evidence that was previously unusable to a lab in New York City in the hopes that it might reveal evidence of whom the killer of Timothy Milgate was.

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This is what crazy looks like via text message » Sound Cloud

Woman problems got you down? Buck up, there, fellas! This girl's ready to make your girl seem rational. Smily face!

Radio show in New Zealand reads a transcript of some crazy text messaging done by a girl after a first date. Pace yourself, honey.

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The science behind the cutest cat video you’ll see all day » DragonFlyEye.Net

This is not a cat. This is a highly-skilled physical sciences professional.

Funny how it happens, sometimes: watch a random cat video late on a Friday, write a quick post, and it becomes the hands-down most popular link of the day. The video shows a cat who has clearly “mastered” their own unique brand of faucet-drinking method. But why is this so difficult for cats in the first place? It has to do with the way they drink in general.

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