Your Top 5 Posts for Sunday, 04/22. Maggie’s loot

Ever wonder what causes men to shiver when they pee? C’mon, you can be honest.

From the Digital Divide to the Cybernetic uterus, this week had thrills, chills and spills. Oh, and Maggie Brooks. See you next week!
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Richer, better-educated and connected: the Digital Divide continues to languish » DragonFlyEye.Net

New study shows a consistent gap between those with better educations, more wealth and everybody else in digital connectedness.

Every so often, a study like this comes up and we would love for it to show something different from it does. But consistently, education and wealth provide better access to the technology we once thought of as the Great Leveler.

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Slaughter has %530k, Brooks $250k »

Roc25 breaks down the latest fund-raising numbers in NY25.

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Bad news, Rochester: Red Light cameras really do work » DragonFlyEye.Net

Big Brother? Maybe, but studies show their job works.

This article keeps popping up to the top of my stack rank. As much as I wanted there to be a different result to my story, I found compelling evidence to support the notion that these menaces to public privacy do make us safer. How much is your safety worth? I guess that’s the question, now.

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Residents to learn more about the new 590-Winton Road interchange »

Good news! This complicated rendering is what will make life simpler for you.

Fancy new type of on-ramp/off-ramp system to be installed at this intersection on 590. Based on the drawing, its hard to figure how this improves the situation, but I guess that’s what the meeting is about, yes?

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Rochester, New York: The Capital of Cyborg Nation » DragonFlyEye.Net

Is this the pin-up of the future in Rochester?

Rochester leads the way in many different areas of human body augmentation, from internal networked biosystems monitors to genetic engineering. This has Jillian wondering: is Rochester soon to be the center of the cyborg nation that overthrows us? If it is, I certainly hope they find a way to maintain the Genesee Brewery despite its obvious lack of purpose…

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By Tommy Belknap

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