Your Top 5 Articles for 05/06 ~ The Diddly Center rides again

Seriously? $750 million for a “mixed use” mashup on a swamp? Yep. And as @rachbarnhart reports, the developers are looking to get $250m out of the State of New York in the form of sales tax-paid financing. But that’s only part of the story of this past week. Photos of the Gemini mission stole the show on Monday, followed by a sun pillar on Tuesday. Apparently, the photography thing is really working!

Plus lots of tech in the classroom news, including some original reporting by RIT journalism students Michael Roppolo and Lyndsay Saunders. That article will be part of what will be a larger series, analysing local schools’ policies on personal electronics. Look for it this week! Speaking of which, have a great one!
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A Martian sunrise »


Beautiful photography to start the week off, this one coming courtesy of NPR and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab. A view of a sunrise very few have ever seen before, from a rover on Mars.

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A “sun pillar” over Michigan » Earth Science Picture of the Day

Photo: Kevin Povenz @

Another one of those strage phenomenon of earth science which, if you haven’t seen it, you’ve probably never heard of it. Sun pillars are caused by light from the sun reflecting off of plate-shaped ice crystals in clouds.

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NYC schools issue first-ever social media guidelines for teachers » First Amendment Center

Photo: mrsdkrebs @

In what is most likely to be a trend, New York City schools adopt new rules for teachers regarding social network availability and students.

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Medley Center wants $250 in financing from the state »


The project to replace Medley Center drags on an on, and now the project is estimated to cost $750 million, of which developers want $250m to come from State financing. For perspective, the F22 fighter – latest plane in the U.S. fleet – is estimated to cost around $668m.

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Technology in the classroom: how do local schools handle personal electronics? »

Photo: Gustav H @

I’m very pleased to see this article be as popular as it turns out to have been. This is part of what will be a series of articles dealing with local schools and personal electronic devices. RIT journalism students Michael Roppolo and Lyndsey Saunders help me out analyzing Rochester City, Gates-Chili and Hilton Central School policies.

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By Tommy Belknap

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