Gen Y thinks using social media at work is worth more than pay scale? Really?

Does your employer allow you to Twitter all day long at work? Do they peek over your shoulder when you’re trying to update your Facebook status? did some research into what employers like and dislike about social media, and like much of what social media is, it tracks more or less with what you’d expect in any social situation. For example, if you’d like to talk a friend into taking a job at their company, they’re all for it. If you’re predicting your company’s imminent demise, well, maybe not so much.

But what’s really interesting are two key take aways from this infographic. The first is: real estate brokers apparently don’t like social media much. This makes sense, I suppose, given the fact that I don’t really know of a single realtor online who is actively shmoozing the Twittersphere. But still: what a weird-ass thing to avoid when your business is selling houses!

The second point seems a bit dubious: that Generation Y values the use of social media over pay scale. That probably speaks to enthusiasm on the part of those taking the surveys more than the reality of the situation. But I have to admit as an aging Gen X’er: I’d be pretty well pissed off if my boss told me not to do my social media stuff. By the way: the 50+ set regularly uses social media at work, too. Probably just looking at pictures of grand kids, but still..

For the record, you won’t read me saying the name of my company while I’m on any form of public webspace. That’s simply because I’d like to be able to say, “Fuck that up the ass,” without it reflecting badly on my employer…

Payscale News Infographic
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Do Employers ‘Like’ Social Media? – Infographic – PayScale


By Tommy Belknap

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In point of fact, only 40% of Gen Yers prefer social media access to a pay raise. Those are probably the people who can't get enough of Facebook and have it on their phones, at work and on their laptop or iPad at home – never disconnected.

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