Top 5 most popular articles on DFE for 2012

I hate yearly wrap-up articles. But at four something in the afternoon on New Years Day, I guess I came to the conclusion that at least some look back on this year’s articles was warranted. So the most expedient and probably most interesting way to go about this was to just crank up Google Analytics and have a look at what were the most popular articles for the year. Here ya go:
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Bath salt-eating zombies are bullshit. But bath salts are synthetic fertilizer.

Turns out that this guy wasn’t even on bath salts. Whoops.

So, yeah. Guy eats another guy’s face. We’ve all been there. But this year, everybody was all freaked out by bath salts, as they’re called, and the story immediately became that this guy was high on the stuff when he did the face-munching. Not so much. But what’s in those bath salts, anyway?


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LeRoy mass hysteria: what is trychloroethylene?

Source: Wikipedia

In January of this year, the story of the Leroy girls who were suffering ticks and Tourette’s-like symptoms made national news. At the same time, this blog was making the transition into science and technology focus. I got lucky to have hit on a subject I could add some illumination too.

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Technology in the classroom: how do local schools deal with personal electronics?

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While I was working with journalism students from RIT, I had some of them look into technology policies at a variety of schools throughout Monroe County. This whole series turned out to be hugely popular.

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How alcohol slows your reflexes down: the science of DWI

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Who doesn’t love an article about alcohol? Well, based on hits, certainly my readership is big on them. RIT journo student Bianca Meyers gets the most popular alcohol-related article of 2012 honors. Not sure if that helps or hurts a journalist. But there you have it.


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Everything you need to know about getting around the Gannett paywall

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What can you say? If a media company gave its stuff away for free, now they don’t, you can’t help a community be less curious. So, I helped fill in the blanks about the ways that the paywall works.

By Tommy Belknap

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