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Superheros can’t escape who they are: Kick Ass 2

Everyone believes that who they are is not entirely reflected in what other people see. Whether that feeling compels us to do more or whether it makes us feel like we’re trapped in Marcel Marceau’s invisible shrinking box is a moment-by-moment affair.

But for superheros, that normal, smaller life is the one they usually want. They are not allowed by fate to have it, however hard they try. Superman renounced his powers to marry Lois Lane, but in the end, his exclusive power to deal with forces of evil drag him back into the role he was destined to play.

It looks as though the same basic arc will follow the second installment in the Kick Ass series. Color me surprised that there even is a second in this series, since the first was frankly a bit of a downer. Now it looks like Kick Ass will be joining some sort of highly-nerdy Justice League:

Been too long since the last post-apocalypse flick: The Colony

Think Mad Max: Beyond the Freezer Case. The newest sci-fi action flick starring Lawrence Fishburn and Bill Hendrickson Chet Wallace Bill Paxton features a view of the world after Global Warming leads to a global freeze. As colonies of humans attempt to eke out a life in island-like underground bunkers, a distress call from one colony to another leads to.. you know.. something shit-your-pants scary:

Looks like your classic case of hero imperative versus survival instinct, with Bill Paxton playing the role of survival advocate. And of course, like every episode of Star Trek ever filmed, they put the two most important guys in the same field mission like there’s nothing wrong with that.

But hey! Zombies or some shit. Sounds fun!

Video via Movie Trailers YouTube channel.