Content Policy

All content on this website except where noted is considered to be the property of DragonFlyEye.Net. Due to the nature of the website, additional notes are posted below:

User-Submitted Content Policy

Users are responsible for any comments, posts, links and embedded content they submit to the site, anywhere user submitted content is permitted. DragonFlyEye.Net is the owner of any content which exists on the site, its servers and databases and reserves the right to edit or delete any content as it sees fit without prior consent or notification. In the event that user-submitted content violates law, DragonFlyEye.Net will remove said content. In the event of repeated, abusive content submission, DragonFlyEye.Net reserves the right to take measures to prevent further abuses, including barring users from submitting content, deleting accounts, blocking email and IP addresses or if necessary, reporting abusive behavior to the proper authorities.

Users who feel their rights being violated or who believe content on this website violates their rights in any way are encouraged to contact us so that we can resolve the matter.

Linking and External Content

Content which exists on the site servers and databases is the property of DragonFlyEye.Net. However, the site frequently links to external content including hypertext documents, images, video, PDF documents and others. Where such links exists, the link itself represents a direct bibliographic citation and serves the purpose of satisfying copyright claims. Additionally, the source of third-party images is generally cited below the image. If there is any question or dispute about the source of third-party content on this site – or if you are the owner of content you wish not to be included on the site – please contact us and we will resolve the issue.

Privacy Policy

Due to the ability of users to post original content on the website, DragonFlyEye.Net is privy to sensitive information about the user, including email and IP addresses. It is the policy of DragonFlyEye.Net to never intentionally share this information with any third-party service and absolutely never for the purposes of profit. DragonFlyEye.Net respects its users’ right to privacy and maintains only the minimum amount of data necessary for the security and integrity of the website and keeps that information private. Please contact us with any additional questions concerning your privacy that you might have.

Third-Party Login Credentials

Third-party login services such as Twitter OAuth, FaceBook Connect, OpenID and others maintain their own set of user data for which DragonFlyEye.Net bears no responsibility. Please contact us with any questions.

Contact Us

Users and visitors with any questions or concerns about the website, the content policy or any other aspect of the operation of DragonFlyEye.Net are encouraged to please contact us for further information.