DFE’s Social Media Partnership

If you’re looking to publish science or tech articles, DragonFlyEye.Net is looking to publish your stuff. And just so we can be sure that this is a mutually-beneficial partnership, we’re excited to announce the following rules for publication:

  1. Any submitted articles must cover a scientific or technological topic of some sort.
    1. Authors are strongly encouraged to pick a topic which is relevant to Rochester, NY in some way.
    2. Any current topic which can be viewed from a sci/tech lens is highly desirable.
  2. Article must be more than 500 words and less than 1000. This limit is STRICTLY ENFORCED!
  3. Article cannot be previously published, in whole or part, anywhere else.
  4. Article must go through the normal review and editorial process. DFE will not publish all articles submitted and reserves the right to publish or reject articles for any reason.

Articles which are published and receive 50 shares in 48 hours will earn their writers $50. Where do they get shared? On any of the popular social networks listed in the Add This widget at the tops and bottoms of all articles: Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit or Google Plus.

What constitutes “scientific or technical” can be fairly broad and include biology, psychology, sociology, or just about any other “-ology” you can think of, as well as forensics, computer science and engineering. Well-researched articles that come complete with facts and figures and are purely “research paper” oriented are fine as well.

Other criteria include but are not limited to:

  • Voice: How well does your article communicate your message? From a technical writing standpoint, you should consider this site as having a layman to low tech audience. Be friendly and approachable in your tone.
  • Relevance: Does your article add value to the discussion of current topics in Rochester? Articles on old, outdated topics will probably not make the cut.

Sound worth it? Well, then! When you’re ready, post your article to the form below:

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