Rick Scott can’t say whether Islam hates America

How awkward! The standard bearer of your party reiterates that he believes Islam is a religion that fundamentally hates America, and now you’re asked to defend or refute that idea. What’s a not-quite-identifiably-racist politician to do? Refute for the sake of decency? Defend in case the leader of your party ever becomes President?

Nah. Just talk about “melting pots” till your hosts ears explode and they cut off your mic.

TPM: Sanders could take advantage of Clinton’s NAFTA albatross in Rust Belt

Among the reasons floated for Bernie Sanders’ success in Michigan has been that Rust Belt states take a dim view of Clinton’s ties to the acts and policies that helped destroy good union jobs in the region. Talking Points Memo amplifies that message in a new article, arguing that it is Hillary Clinton’s association with her husband’s policies – enhanced by her current chumminess with banking – that may dog her through these Mid-western states.

Trump: My steaks are a success! We sell them at my clubs.

Rather than have to admit that Trump Steaks is a defunct business, under questioning from Anderson Cooper, Trump prefers to say that they sell the steaks in his clubs. And he has, in his own words, “many successful clubs and restaurants.”

Not to belabor a point, but if you didn’t kill the cow and you didn’t butcher the meat and no one opened a box that said, “Trump Steaks,” then all you did was feed your guests steak. Not Trump Steaks.

Cruz does his dickish best to cite Trump’s dick without discussing his own dick. Dick.

Leave it to Ted Cruz to be handed an opportunity to look presidential and turn it into an opportunity to act like a complete asshat. This is why literally everybody publicly associated with him seems to hate him. Because absolutely nobody buys into the argument that Ted Cruz didn’t engage in the same flaccid counter-bullying that Rubio tried and failed at.

“How to have a miscarriage” and other Google searches.

This is as incredible as it is horrifyingly predictable. As states across the country look towards harsher and harsher restrictions on abortions, so as to do an end-run around the SCOTUS and federal statutes, analysis of Google searches reveals an unmistakable trend. The more restrictive the state laws, the more home remedy abortion information is sought after.

It’s no surprise. Home remedy and witch doctor abortions of the 50’s claimed many lives and did not just spring up unbidden. They were and are a reaction to very real health concerns, the ignorance of which in state laws does nothing to solve.

So, for the sake of forcing people to abide by an arbitrary moral code, we allow actual humans to face death on their own.