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Romney, Iran, Libya and political theater no one watches.

Perhaps Mitt Romney should suspend his campaign to help address the growing geopolitical crisis(es) in the Middle East?

While the Netanyahu government plays a dangerous game of chicken with the Obama Administration over Iran and as protesters in Libya give way to rockets and bombs that take out one of our Ambassadors and three staffers, the Republican Party and the Romney Campaign have decided that it is time to foreign policy the center of the campaign through bluster. This after Mitt Romney’s utter lack of foreign policy gravitas was already laid bare by his failure to even mention the war we’re fighting in his RNC acceptance speech.

Setting aside the lack of patriotism displayed in choosing any other side but the American President in a time of geopolitical crisis (whoa. Who sounds Republican, now?), there is also the matter of what exactly this crass political stunt will accomplish. Certainly, the idea is to lower a national crisis to a political advert or two. Certainly, the idea is to take Barack Obama’s foreign policy chops away from him. But is that really what is going to happen?

As I alluded to at the beginning, so much of this Republican campaign reminds me of shades of light and dark of the McCain Campaign of 2008, this latest political stunt being only the most recent. A weak candidate picks a running mate that is stronger among his base than he is, but which proves to be a fact-checking and general election nightmare. Just wait: I promise that will get worse. Then in a time of crisis – the economic meltdown for McCain, Israel/Libya for Romney – the candidate declares the stage his only to find….

John McCain twiddling his thumbs among the people whose job has been made infinitely harder by his presence. John McCain may be a bellicose asshat, but many people listen to the old War Veteran™ on issues of national security and foreign relations. He does not, however, come to mind when I think of fiscal policy. Nor should he: John McCain is in no position to offer anything in the way of experience with banking, finance, or economics, macro or otherwise. He was the last person who should have been in those meetings and it showed. His next step was to have to restart his campaign with nothing solved.

Now we find that the merry-go-round has been stopped by yet another weak candidate and once again, he chose to stop it at the moment when it becomes clear to everyone that he has no policy experience or business “helping” the president with the current set of crises.

Even our overly pliant national media cannot help but ask Mitt Romney what he would do in Barack Obama’s situation? Would he accept an Israeli attack on Iran? Would he join in? Back them up? Whistle and walk in the other direction?

Would he drop bombs on newly liberated Libya? Would he declare the revolution an Evil Empire™?

And when does he get back to running the campaign he wants? The one where he ignores foreign policy outright and sticks to cranking about our shitty economy?

Careful What You Wish For

I remember back in the freak-out days of 2004, as Bush’s surveillance programs were sweeping a black hand across our country and the Republicans in Congress were strutting around like kings, I had the sick sensation in the pit of my stomach that come 2008, Bush would declare some sort of emergency that for such reasons compelled him to stay in office regardless of the electoral outcome. I worried at the end of American Democracy when Bush made his final power grab right at the end of his administration.

Well, now with the president gallivanting in Peru and the Treasury Secretary basically throwing his hands up in the air, unwilling to do any more, I almost wish I still had that concern. Who would have thought that the exact opposite of my worst fear would be our biggest threat?

The Same Old Thing

It strikes me as I watch the early morning Sunday yakkers that the reason we’re so concerned with the idea that experienced hands in the Obama administration represent “the same old thing,” is largely because we’ve gotten used to the idea that the president is merely a figurehead and that the cabinet is the body driving the Administration.

Perhaps if we have an actual leader who requires things of his cabinet, things might be different, indeed.

Delusional Conservatives in the Words of England

Yeah, I know: Conservatives think other nation’s opinions are for pussies.  Still, the last I knew, the bipedal creatures this world is largely populated by are for the most part humans.  Knowing what they think and seeing how they interpret the election and the response of the loonies in the McCain concession speech audience is probably not entirely without merit.

And I say it again: none of the people so disaffected by McCain’s loss were people who voted for McCain in the primaries.  In fact, they will soon be spitting vitrol about McCain’s pussy-ass bipartisanship as often as they spit vitrol about Obama’s family.  Good for them.

Ok, One More: More Palin Stuff Coming Out

Well, the campaign is over and the back biting will begin in the Republican Party and the McCain/Palin Campaign specifically.  Newsweek has a story, summarized nicely by the Huff Po, about what the real cost of the Neiman Marcus shopping spree was.  And her coming out to speak with McCain advisers in a towel.  People, everybody knows no woman does that sort of thing accidentally.  She was attempting to use sex to get something over on McCain advisors, and I think we all know now why the media in Alaska loved her. . . .

Duvall County, Fl: Say Hello to Rochester, NY

I’m here at Rochester for Obama Headquarters on St. Paul by Main, volunteering and making calls. I spoke with Melissa, one of the principle organizers, and she tells me that Duval County in Florida is being exclusively covered by RFO today in our Get Out the Vote efforts. Duval County’s going to be hearing from a lot of people: Rochester for Obama has already made 40,000 calls to Ohio, Pennsylvania and now Florida since the beginning of the weekend.

I’ll keep you updated as I find new info.

Not Looking Good for McCain in New Hampshire

I was about to post an article about McCain’s strategy for winning this election.  It involves winning New Hampshire.  Well, it’s not looking real good so far:

Donklephant » Blog Archive » Obama Wins 59% Of Hart’s Location, NH Vote

This is another place Bush won in 2004.

What’s more, no Democrat has ever won here. And Obama’s margin is the most since they started.

Election Day, 6am Update

A video blog. Looks crowded at the polling stations, people, get the hell out there and vote your asses off!  Plus, don’t forget about the state ballot initiative to allow veterans to get a few extra points on their civil service applications.  As it stands now, only injured vets get those added points, and only if they’re getting benefits from a specific agency.  The ballot initiative seeks to widen the program to all veterans, which seems only fair.

Keep your browser logged in here today, as I’ll be blogging from the Rochester for Obama headquarters on St. Paul St. during the morning and early afternoon hours.  Then, tonight, check out the live blogging event happening with myself, Rottenchester from the Fighting 29th and Exile on Erickson St. from The Albany Project.  It’s all happening right here on DFE, plus the other two will be on CW-16 and WHAM-13 this evening as well, live blogging the whole time.  Bitchin, eh?

The Election as a Spreadsheet

I decided I needed some notes for the live blog Rottenchester, Exile on Erickson St. and I will be doing tomorrow night for the election results.  There’s lots of fancy tools out there to monitor what’s going on, but I thought a basic list of poll closings by time with some margin notes about their significance to the election would be much more direct.

So, as long as I have it whipped up, I figured I might as well share it with those who’d like to see it.  So, in the imortal words of Fargo. . .  So, that’s what I’m doin’.

Poll Closings by Time.

Late Update: I’ve also included the most recent polling spreads for each of the significant states.  Thus, if Obama’s ahead by as much as ten points and as little as five, it’s writen “Obama +5,10.”

Just as You Suspected

John McCain’s latest ad goes all-in on white fear of black welfare mamas.  It uses the word “welfare” in relation to Obama no less than three times and then follows up with, “Just as you suspected, Barack Obama is not truthful about taxes.”

So to recap, Barack Obama’s the lyin’, welfare-takin’ baby daddy you always knew hung out in places in the city you’ve never been.  No reason to trust that sort of thing, now, is there?