To Type

With all that discussion on the Internet and in the media has been centered around Sarah Palin’s $150,000 shopping spree on the Republican dime, I’ve been surprised to find that no one I’ve read so far as made the point that this is really just Palin playing to type.  Maybe the point has been made but I’ve not read it, in which case this will be – like most of the media, traditional and not – redundant.

But it seems to me that from getting Walt Monegan fired; to taking her $50 a day stipend from the Alaska taxpayers for staying home; to jetting her kids around on the Alaska dime; to talking about the Vice Presidency like it’s a bullwhip on the Congress; to this latest shopping escapade and beyond, money and power seems to be all that Sarah Palin has ever looked for from holding public office.  To date, I have not seen so much as a single swatch of objective evidence to suggest that she’s ever felt any more noble calling which compelled her to public service of any kind.  Unless, of course, you count the fact that Jesus apparently wanted her to do it.  But then, Jesus’ record for calling people to action has been at best a spotted record, indeed.

The McCain Campaign will try to keep this incident isolated to one unfortunately timed shopping spree.  And hey, if they want the subject to be about her going on a shopping spree when she gets the chance at the same time as the rest of the economy goes into recession, that’s fine with me.  But the truth certainly seems to run much, much deeper than that.  Or perhaps, it’s much more shallow.