Thank You to Everyone Who Voted!

The Best of Rochester winners have been announced and are posted at the City Newspaper website. Sadly, despite all the effort of our fans and friends – and no little campaigning by our crack staff of writers – this was not our year to win for Best Blog. Still, it WAS our year to be nominated, which is better than we’ve done in the past and we owe all the gratitude to you, our loyal fans who have nominated and voted us where we are today!

I’m working on a new banner for the sidebar that says, “nominated one of the Best Blogs in Rochester by City Newspaper,” because I really am that proud. And I look forward to next year, when I shall prevail upon you once again to get the word out and fight for DFE! Thanks again and have a look at all the great restaurants, shops, attractions and yes, blogs that there are in Rochester to be proud of:

BEST OF ROCHESTER 2010 – Guides – Rochester City Newspaper.

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Best of Rochester: We’ve Been Nominated!

City Newspaper’s Best of Rochester 2010

Fans! Readers! Twitter followers! Thanks to your love and support, DragonFlyEye.Net has been nominated to the Best Blog category of the Rochester City Newspaper Best of Rochester 2010 and we couldn’t be prouder! Well, we could be, if we won the whole thing, but one step at a time.

All of us here at DFE are proud to offer Rochester the very best news, entertainment and progressive political commentary that we’re capable of. And we’re even prouder that so many of you have joined us on FaceBook, followed us on Twitter and nominated us to the Best Of ballot for this year. It shows you care and we thank you!

We hope you help us go all the way this year by VOTING FOR US and passing along the link to your friends and family to vote as well.

And don’t forget to share the DragonFlyEye.Net FaceBook page with your friends as well!