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Rochester’s City Budget: Carla Palumbo Reports

DFE Blogger and Rochester City Councilwoman Carla Palumbo reports on the state of the current proposed City budget. Notice how much different the City’s budget process is from the County’s. What? You’ve never heard about the County process? Yeah, that’s the point:

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The City Budget process is almost to the end…City Council’s vote on Tuesday night will wrap up over a month of budget review, hearings and deliberations. There are a few major changes proposed in this budget — the two drawing the most ire are the changes to the Fire Dept and Rec Centers After-school programs. Given the tight budget there were some fairly significant cuts to City staff, mostly in IT — but the Rec Center After-school program is being cut and the Fire Dept methodology changed with a loss of 16 positions (not lay offs, loss is by attrition)

Cindy Kaleh to Serve in MCLD28

Carla has updated her blog to announce her replacement in the 28th Legislative district for the Monroe County Legislature:

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Cindy is small business owner of a local company KalTech Support Team, Inc. and currently president of the Maplewood Neighborhood Association (MNA). She has been active in MNA, Sector 2 and in numerous other community initiatives over the years. She knows the district, both its challenges and its opportunities and will be a strong voice for the people in these neighborhoods. This is Cindy’s first bid for elected office and she is ready for the challenge. I know that I wish her well and have pledged to help her through the process.

Who Will Replace Carla Palumbo in the Lej?

Carla checks in with a new piece reflecting on her time in the Legislature. You might have guessed that being the minority leader in such a bully-ish majoritarian body cannot be fun, but she generally sees it in a rewarding light.

But best of all, she hints at the newest member of the Legislature, who will be replacing her when she steps into her role as a City Council member:

» Reflections… » Carla Palumbo

And of course 2008 will bring my swearing in to City Council, which will prove interesting I am sure. I look forward to moving an agenda and hope that happens with more ease than down the street at the County. Call me optimistic!My replacement is in the works… more on that in a few days. For now…. Happy 2008!

Please Welcome Carla Palumbo!

I’m very pleased to announce that we have yet another new blogger in our midst here at DFE, Carla Palumbo.  Mrs. Palumbo was the Democratic Minority Leader in the Legislature until this past election cycle, when she successfully campaigned for the City Council North East position.

I’ve been talking to Carla about all things Legislature for a while now, and she agreed to blog here on DragonFlyEye.Net, so now we’ve finally got her setup.  Her first piece points out that, while a recent D&C article anoints Wayne Zyra as the new President of the Lej, the actual vote has not happened yet.  The D&C seems awfully invested in making decisions among the Republican majority seem like decrees from Caesar.

Even more interesting is her discussion of the Monroe County budget.  I don’t want to startle anyone, but the F.A.I.R. plan may not be all it’s cracked up to be.  Carla has a number of questions about the supposed tax breaks for county residents, but don’t miss the discussion of some interesting and here-to-fore unexplained earmarks left in the budget.  I thought we had a balanced budget 20 million dollar deficit?

So, there’s some good reading to be had over there!  Please check out her writing and comment if you can!  Ask questions, maybe she’ll write more posts!!

In other news

I am in discussions with another blogger who may be joining the team.  If he does, he’ll be much more intimately involved with the site, contributing to this, the Editor’s Blog, doing some site administration and such.  I don’t want to say too much too soon, but he’s a smart guy with a lot of potential.  Stay tuned!