Yeah, About That Stimulus Plan. . .

“The honeymoon’s over,” so saith the pundit, so saith the flock.

This week has been a tremendous cacophony of negative press for President Obama, about how he’s hamstrung himself with Republicans and given them the opening they needed to assert their independence. About the stimulus package which is laden with pork. And this post from Josh Marshall, echoing the words of one of his bloggers, Theda Skocpol:

Speaking as a strong Obama supporter who put my energies and money into it, I am now very disillusioned with him. He spent the last two weeks empowering Republicans — including negotiating with them to get more into Senate and his administration and giving them virtual veto-power over his agenda — and also spending time on his personal cool-guy image (as in interview before the Super Bowl).

A “strong supporter,” you say? Geeze. Doesn’t it seem like we’ve heard this before, somewhere? Oh, that’s right: from Theda Skocpol:

Every day until November — and in person in next Tuesday’s debate — McCain and his people are going to raise one smear of Obama after another. Will Obama respond effectively and keep his lead? A lot is at stake here: the 2008 election and the future of American politics, its capacity to cut off the kind of vicious falsehoods that have worked so well in the past. Are we going to want to live in the kind of polity we will end up with if Obama fails to respond with sufficient strength and specificity?

Blah, blah, blah. Another Concern Troll who thinks that the possession of a degree makes one immune from being called a Concern Troll. Another weak supporter of Barack Obama who gets all nervous and jerky whenever the wind blows south. Fer chrissakes, let’s all just breathe.

I remain convinced that one of the reasons Barack Obama is president despite being black and having a funny name is that he’s the only politician out there with the balls to speak to us like adults. And clearly in some cases, that’s a big risk. But when dickheads in the Republican Party start using charts to obfuscate (second reference of the night!) and claiming that no government has ever created a job in the history of mankind (uh. . . the Great Pyramids? Every standing army in the history of man? The Erie Canal? NASA? The local county dog catcher? The Lieutenant Governor of Maryland?), we don’t need pundits to tell us they’re full of shit.

Republicans are slitting their own throats with all this horseshit, pure and simple. Sure, Joe the Plummer thinks we need to kill the stimulus package. I’ll let that stand on it’s own merits. But most Americans understand that we’re in deep and need help sooner rather than later. To reiterate yet another point, Americans want effective action, not inaction as an alternative to less-than-effective action.

And we don’t need Tweety Matthews asking politicans to “explain this to my grandmother, if she was alive: how does this bill create jobs?” Earth to Douche-nugget: your grandmother is certainly old enough to have lived through the Depression. She doesn’t need any explanations, and neither do you. You’re just talking down to the American people because you think they’re stupid.

Everybody breathe. It’s going to be OK.