Same Data, Different Conclusions

As ever, I should be much, much less surprised by the things I see in business news than I am. That is particularly true on the issue of entitlement spending. For example, the below-linked article insists that, since “growing our way” out of the problem is not going to work, the only other solution is to cut entitlement expenses:

HERE IT IS: Your Short Course On Why The US Is Screwed.

The trouble with the logic in this article is: he offers only one very obviously false choice as an alternative to his predefined conclusion. Saying “his” predefined conclusion is, of course, being generous: it’s just the stock answer for all things spending-related in the Republican Party.

So, growing our way out of the spending deficit we find ourselves in will not work. That is true. But what about reforming health care to bring costs down? Oh, right. They killed that, didn’t they?