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An amazing view of an eclipse you’ve never seen

Crew aboard the International Space Station snap this image of the annular eclipse above the Indian Ocean:


Full image also available here.

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VIDEO: Rochester will get to see a partial solar annular eclipse this month

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab released a video today summarizing the month’s events in what is a regular series, anachronistically entitled “What’s Up?”

This month, an annular solar eclipse will create a ring-like effect on the sun, as the moon will only cover up about 94% of the sun’s visible area. Rochester will be one of the few places on the Eastern Seaboard that will get to view at least part of this phenomenon and for you telescope enthusiasts, this is a great time to get out there and photograph some sun spots!

Also some great star-gazing tips at the end, showing the relative position of stars that will be visible in the night sky: