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OK, clips of this speech have been all over the news nets for the last two days. It’s the one where Barack Obama announces plans to limit executive pay for companies receiving federal tax dollars. Its an important speech, even if the plan itself is quite toothless in its conception. It’s an act of pure social justice that demands executives benefiting from our largess should be expected to show a measure of humility in the process.

But never mind all that. Check out the window behind him:

Is that plastic sheeting on those windows? Am I meant to understand that the White House is being weatherized by wrapping up the windows in plastic? No wonder the new prez has been slow to discuss policy publicly: he’s probably got a golf ball sized blister on his hair dryer hand.

Don’t tell me he isn’t serious about weatherizing and energy efficiency!

Get a New Act

When it comes to trumpeting the failed policies and anaemic strategies of the national Republican Party, our local Republican Representatives never fail to live up to expectations.  Randy Kuhl and Tom Reynolds (who?) are both making public statements in favour of more drilling to solve our nation’s oil crisis.

Where is the pressure – from either party – on American auto makers to produce energy-efficient cars?  Where is the effort to bring manufacturers together around the idea of creating energy-efficient home appliances?

Debating the efficacy of drilling or bitching about coal isn’t getting us anywhere.

Breaking: Saudi Arabia Tells Bush to Get Bent

Oh, they probably had more diplomatic phrasology than that. Probably threw in an “Allah be praised,” or two as well.  Nevertheless, CNN.com is reporting (without an actual article, as yet) that the Saudi Government has rejected Bush’s appeal to produce more oil.

Huh! Maybe he should have said, “C’mon, Saudi Arabia! You know I’m good for it.”

Later Update: Link and article is now up:
Oil surges, nears $128 on China use, Goldman note – May. 16, 2008

According to the White House, Saudia Arabia doesn’t see enough demand to increase production.