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Alaskan Oil Spill Catastrophe You’re Not Hearing About

If you had expected the Main Stream Media in this country to follow things that you find important, you would be wrong:

Independent Online Edition > Burst oil pipeline causes ‘catastrophe’ in Alaska

The leak was first spotted by a British Petroleum worker 11 days ago, and was reported to have been plugged a few days later. Initial hopes expressed by BP that the spill was limited to a few tens of thousands of gallons proved to be over-optimistic. Alaska’s Department of Environmental Conservation has steadily increased its estimate of the size of the spill, the latest estimate putting it at around 265,000 gallons.

How does this not make the headlines in this country? Not one word as of 4:30pm EST.  A quarter of a million gallons of crude oil spills along the Alaska landscape eleven days ago, and we still don’t have even so much as a single article in the media about it here in the country that it happened in.  The country to whom it should matter.

Still don’t think Big Media is in bed with Big Oil and the rest of the corporate sleaze?  They’re in up to thier asses, and no one wants to blow the drilling in ANWAR deal, so mum’s the word.  This is both pathetic and disgusting.