Cindy McCain: Somethings Not Quite Right, There

Am I alone in finding something highly unsettling about the woman who would be first lady?


There is just something distinctly freakazoidal about that woman, the way she says “I’m not the candidate.”  No one said you wuz the candidate there, Fruit Loop, we’re asking you if you plan to keep the finances of the world’s most powerful man’s arm piece a secret.  You don’t see the relevance?


Doormats Need Rolemodels, Too

SFGate turns in a barn-burner opinion piece on the sexless drone of a Republican wife we have for a first lady. Brilliant:

Laura Bush, docile doormat / Behold, the ideal Republican wife: Prim, sexless, nearly useless, lets the men do the real thinkin’. Hot!

For in choosing to be and do almost nothing at all for all these years, Laura has also come to epitomize the compliant, unobtrusive woman, the worst kind of example for modern young women today. This is, of course, why conservative Republicans and fundie Christians love her. They call her “classy.” What they mean is: She knows her place, keeps her mouth shut, possesses exactly zero sexuality, speaks only when spoken to, lets the men do the “real” work, stays so far off in the background she might as well be wallpaper.

Here’s a question for all you Christian Righties who are getting behind John McCain: what’s his wife – who has loaned him beer money and let him fly in the corporate jet – going to be like as a first lady? Who is going to be wearing the pant-suit in that first family?


No, Wait. Pay No Attention to the Schedule. . .

Whoopsies. Here we’ve been hearing about the “Day One” readiness of Hillary Clinton, and her thirty years of serving the public. The National Archives and Clinton Library both release her schedules while still the First Lady. Looks like Hillary’s First Lady schedule is a trifle light, as resumes go:

Talking Points Memo | Papers show Clinton’s days as first lady

Clinton says her years as first lady would help equip her to handle foreign policy and national security as president.

But the schedules show trips packed with plainly traditional activities for a first lady as well as some substance.

For example, in her January 1994 visit to Russia with her husband, her schedule is focused on events with political wives. She sat in on a birthing class at a hospital, toured a cathedral and joined prominent women in a lunch of blinis with caviar and salmon.

The Clinton campaign said the schedules are merely a guide and don’t reflect all of her activities.