O’Keefe and Gilles: Two Nuts Infiltrating an ACORN

It remains the top Google search for “ACORN video“: FOX News’ credulous “reporting” of the two kids who posed as a pimp and prostitute and entered various ACORN headquarters to ferret out the wrongdoers among them. The scandal as FOX continues to see it – despite overwhelming law enforcement evidence to the contrary – is that an ACORN volunteer is seen on the video confessing to the murder of her ex-husband. But is that where the story actually is? Or is there some other illumination to be gleaned from this whole affair? We’ve seen lots of video taken from the front of the camera, but let’s take a moment to look at who was behind the camera, posing as a “pimp.”

Hannah Giles and James OKeefe, purveyors of thespian sexual favours.
Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe, purveyors of thespian sexual favours.

Meet Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe, the two activists who journeyed into the Heart of Darkness, also known as “The Ghetto.” One can hardly imagine a more appropriate pair to pose as two drug-addicted, hard-bitten inner city thugs with a taste for the sex trade. The video they produced shows the realistic method acting and authentic attire they employed in their subterfuge. Who among the volunteers at ACORN, many of whom have spent their lives in the streets where prostitutes ply their wares, could help but fall for their crafty ways?

After all, nothing say’s “hooker” like blond hair, healthy skin, expensive slut-gear and a full set of teeth. I can see this bad, bad, pimpin’ man screaming now, “Bitch betta have my latte!!”

Only FOX News could be so eager to grind their axes as to fall for this ridiculous scam. The only way anyone would go to these two dolts for sexual favours is if they were looking for a sexual act known as “The Full Milk Toast.” When I first heard about some of the video they captured, I was a little worried. But then I saw the third video – the one with the supposed murderer – and then I saw the kids who tried to pull this off and the whole thing just collapsed under its own farcical weight.

It reveals something far more compelling about FOX News viewers and their concept of what “The Ghetto” is that they would be equally willing to fall for this nonsense. You really do have to be from somewhere at least as snow-white as Utah to believe that:

  1. These two idiots could pass for a “hooker” and a “pimp.”
  2. That dressing for a Cozumel night club and dressing for a night of heavy prostitute work are the same thing: a slut’s a slut.
  3. That anything so exact as a “hooker” and a “pimp” really exists in the world: these are not professions for which you get a certification.[1. Perhaps a CBL? Commercial Blowjob License?]
  4. That “hookers” and “pimps” regularly announce themselves as such.
  5. That “hookers” and “pimps” import their prostitutes from El Salvador; that “hookers” and “pimps” have enough money to fly someone in from El Salvador – coach, one would presume, but even so… – but can’t think of anything better to do with their money than visit ACORN offices in search of cheap rental property.
  6. That the idle question, “how much do you charge,” is answerable with a set list of charges and services, like your local chimney sweep.
  7. That people who commit murder routinely share this information with strangers whom they meet for the first time; that murder in “The Ghetto” is a thing for which such a cavalier attitude is commonplace.

But facts don’t seem to matter much to the executives at FOX News, who continue to allow their “journalists” to spew hate about an organization upon whose head not a single conviction has fallen so far. Neither it seems do facts matter to their audience, for whom FOX News serves as a means to reinforce their beliefs at the expense of reality. At issue is the shared socio-political axe FOX and it’s audience have to grind; not facts or even half-assed observation, either of which would have forbade them to cover this “story.”

What is worse is the lemming-like behavior of the Mainstream Media and Democratic politicians, both of whom are being led by the nose for fear of looking weak on voter fraud. Since when as FOX News ever proven itself to be worth of such unqualified and unexamined sourcing? What major news has the FOX News network ever broken that turned out to be legitimate in any way, apart from being handed interviews and White House leaks by a Bush White House that was friendly to it’s cause?

And all of this built on the “work” of a minister’s daughter and an MBA.


Um. . . Fisting?

Clearly, whomever this woman is, she has an entirely different definition of “fisting” than I do, with my warped mind. . .

Am I alone on this one? There’s no direct evidence that any “fisting” is occurring between the Obamas. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. . . .


Poor Widdle Conservatives!

A “Chilling” edict was sent out at Fox News: Lay Off Obama.  And this seems to have come directly from the top, from Rupert Murdoch himself.

Righties are in a snit over this, pointing out in what is probably a fairly accurate instinct that Roop is hoping to keep the Fairness Doctrine dogs at bay.  The Fairness Doctrine is a boogieman of the Right, however silly that might be.  And aw, shucks!  Does that mean Fox News will actually have to start reporting news and stop willfully slandering Barack Obama as a Muslim (clutch the pearls)?


Fox Business is All Business

Play the game, it’s fun!  Fox Business or Porn Star?  It’s harder than you think. . .


By the Fist of Allah! We’ve Won!

You know it’s a sad day in Fox-ville when even Joe Scarborough is making fun of your attempts at racial smearing. Yes, America’s Pulse superstar E.D. Hill suggested, in the classic media “Brutus is an honorable man,” deniability fashion, that Michelle and Barack Obama’s campaign victory fist bump was a “terrorist fist jab.” Not just woefully inept, nor merely pathetically clueless, this was a thinly veiled attempt to link the words “terrorist” and “Obama” together ever closer.

But thankfully, no one in the media seems to be having any of it.

Obama’s Fist Bump Dissected Minutely By Media (VIDEO) – Media on The Huffington Post

The media has a new fixation, and it’s Obama’s fist bump, or dap, or pound, or whatever you choose to call the handshake he and his wife Michelle exchanged right before his speech claiming the Democratic presidential nomination.

And despite a late apology, it now appears as though Fox’s bad day and bad ratings have become E.D. Hill’s bad news, as she’s been removed from her post a day later. What a shame the gambit to smear Obama backfired for Fox. Does E.D. stand for “Electoral Disfunction?”


Britt Hume isn’t Paying Attention

C&L posted a clip of Fox News Sunday that I just had to repost here. Never mind the fact the Britt Hume tries to make gas prices a good issue for John McCain despite all evidence to the contrary, check out this first exchange (emphasis mine) for a textbook example of cluelessness:

Crooks and Liars » Fox News Sunday: Damning John McCain With Faint Praise

CW: Let’s talk about the economy, because the news on Friday was certainly striking, Brit. I mean, you had this $10 spike in the price of a barrel of crude oil, you had the unemployment rate, there were some statistical issues, but it was up by a half a point, the highest in 2 decades. Stock market, 400 points down. If – and I repeat, if — not necessarily that set of perfect trifecta, bad economic news continues, does a McCain stand a chance?

BH: He stands a chance, because he is not the incumbent. But the candidate of the incumbent party is always affected badly by bad conditions in the country. And the economy is not likely to be perceived as particularly good. On the other hand, whatever happened to the recession? I thought we were in a recession; you don’t hear that. It hasn’t happened. It’s kind of a miracle it hasn’t, given all the forces that were weighed against the economy, which continues to kind of poke along at a very slow pace. But remarkable, nonetheless. . . (he goes on like this)

What happened to the recession, Britt? You’re soaking in it.


Obama to Appear on Fox?

Why? He’d been doing so well in ignoring that pestilence of a pseudo-news organization for a long time, now he loses Penn by a small margin and rolls over? Is this a new strategy, or what?

TPM Election Central | Talking Points Memo | Obama Next Destination: Fox News

Barack Obama is going where his campaign has never gone before: Fox News, where he’ll be interviewed by Chris Wallace this weekend on Fox News Sunday.