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Christine ODonnell Defines “Worst.”


Honestly, if there was something I would have thought was pretty indefinable, it would have been the “low point” of Christine O’Donnell’s 2010 Senate bid. Not because there wasn’t one, but because…. well, did you see the campaign?

Book: Christine ODonnell Is Pretty Sorry About That Whole “Im Not A Witch” Ad Thing | New York Daily News.

That, O’Donnell wrote, was “my lowest moment of the 2010 campaign.”

“It was a wrong-headed move, made for all the wrong reasons, but it was mine,” O’Donnell wrote in “Troublemaker: Let’s Do What It Takes to Make America Great Again.”

What the hell does “all the wrong reasons” mean in this context? I’m thinking, “because I wanted to be a U.S. Senator despite all evidence pointing to my utter lack of qualifications” is not what she meant, as much as I would like it to have been. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of her in any event, so with that in mind, here’s a nice Friday video for your delectation:


Getting Tea Bagged by the Media

Meanwhile, back in the world of *fake* protests. . .

Check out this video from TalkingPointsMemo.com. They posted it because they want you to note that the Fox News Anchor basically admits to giving the Tea Bagging movement “P.R.” and “promotion.” But what I want you to notice is the absurdity of the Conservative talking head getting all “clutch the pearls” over the sexual innuendos surrounding “tea bagging,” and how that proves MSNBC is so biased against this noble protest.

Um. . . “Tea Bagging” has been an expression meaning lowering one’s genitalia into the mouth of a willing participant for well over fifteen years that I know of. It was you guys who decided to adopt the name, bonehead. Not our problem, just live with it.

Get Your Seratonin Necklace Today!

This is sooo cool!

I was looking for something completely different and in that way that makes the Internet so cool, I stumbled upon a site called MadeWithMolecules.com. This site is dedicated to making jewelry and other fashions inspired by the chemical structures of different molecules.

For example, don’t miss the caffeine necklace. Or how about the baby one-sie with a picture of the “Cuddle Hormone,” Oxytosin? My personal favourite is the necklace that spells out “peace” in an amino acid pseudo-alphabet. That rocks.

Never Enough

Sure, carrying a loaded rifle in the car brings with it some risks, especially if you get pulled over. But how would anyone know you have the rifle in your car? No, for the real thrill seeker, it’s better to have something less concealable, like a couple of pot plants in the back seat and some more pot in the “boot.” And the rifle, now we’re talking.

But why stop there? Just as cops are getting used to spotting the “Cell phone swerve,” now seems like a perfect time to employ the ultimate in thrill seeking activities and give them something new to look out for: driving down the highway with two pot plants in the back seat, pot in the trunk and a loaded rifle, all while filming yourself masturbating.

Dare to dream.

Well, That’s Just Stupid

An investigator in the O.J. Simpson trial told the court that one of the witnesses against Simpson was paid off by The Juice to plead the 5th. Wait for it. . . .

So, what was the purpose of the armed robbery and the subsequent kidnapping? Well, auctioneers were auctioning off O.J. Simpson’s prized possessions, which he felt were not for sale. So he held them at gunpoint in the middle of Las Vegas in the middle of the day to get them back. Apparently, O.J. is pretty serious about keeping his shit, right?

So, what did Nordberg use to bribe the star witness? Money? Aw, hell no, children! He bribed the dude with his Hall of Fame ring!

Dude, seriously. WTF?