GM Closing Plants, What Does That Mean for Rochester?

With the temporary bridge loans for Detroit pushed off the table by Republicans in Southern states with Japanese automakers, our own home-grown – albeit derelict – automakers are taking steps to deal with their problems sans Washington’s help. Looks like if Republicans wanted to know what the world would look like The Day Detroit Stood Still, they’re about to find out in January:

Because GM has announced that it will be cutting production back hugely and closing 21 factories temporarily, possibly through January. They will be producing one third as many vehicles as normal, which would have been around 750,000.

Just for fun, how many companies in Rochester can you name that are directly affected by this announcement? Well, the first one that springs to my mind is Webster Tool and Die, only because I used to work there. WTD made a lot of equipment for GM as I recall, though I’m not sure how much they make these days. Gleason Works comes to mind. Delphi is here. And of course, that’s not to mention all the contract work other companies like Choice One or Harris Communications might have with GM.

So, who else? What other Rochester companies have direct ties to GM plants? Tool makers, communications companies, soft drink manufacturers? Comment below if you have answers. All entries are welcome!