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Paychex: no clarity on ACA from the Supreme Court ruling

Local Rochester payroll company Paychex has issued a statement regarding the SCOTUS decision on ACA. Namely: that while the mandate has been upheld, there are still implementation questions to answer:

Paychex Reacts to the U.S. Supreme Court’s Decision to Uphold the Individual Mandate in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act | Paychex Newsroom

The Supreme Court’s decision does not bring final clarity to the issue of health insurance coverage in the United States, and there is still much uncertainty surrounding its long term impact on employer-sponsored group health coverage. Additionally, the impact of this year’s elections on the law and its implementation is not yet known.

Of course, this is basically a sales pitch for a company whose primary roles, as stated in the press release, are payroll and benefits services. Uncertainty benefits them so long as they look like The Great Clarifier.

Still, I can’t help but wonder about the dangled question of elections. Are they just trying to maintain a marketable vagueness, or are they legitimately pushing for “regime change” in Washington?

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Xerox getting into the Health Exchange game. Seems like bad timing?

Xerox today released a statement announcing the release of their new information management system geared at creating the Health Insurance Exchanges that are mandated by the Affordable Care Act. The deadline for states to have exchanges set up and ready for use is October and Xerox says their new system is “comprehensive, secure, cloud-based,” and ready for customisation.

The new system appears to be a “Software as Service” product, meaning that Xerox provides the software over their own cloud-based service. This is similar to offers by Amazon Cloud Services and others. The scale of such a state-wide service seems large to say the least, however. The company further states that the SAS product is aimed at customisation from state to state.

The announcement also comes across as either crazy or prescient, as we’re still awaiting a decision from the Supreme Court as to whether the health care reform so needed in this country is going to get junked based on arbitrary interpretations of the Constitution. Maybe they know something we don’t?

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The Justice Kagan Recusal Canard

Its always fun to spot these talking points in their nascent form. Way down towards the bottom of this article, the author notes that opponents of the Health Care Reform Law expect that Justice Elena Kagan must recuse herself of all Court proceedings having anything to do with the Obama Administration because she worked for the Administration. Plan on this being the battle cry for all HCR opponents for the next twenty or more years.

Supreme Court Denies Health Care Opponents Fast Track Request | TPMDC.