Your “holy shit” number of the day: did SCOTUS uphold the ACA?

According to Pew Research Center, only 55% of Americans know that the SCOTUS upheld the ACA health care reform law, nearly in its entirety. And 19% of Republicans believe that the SCOTUS actually rejected the law. Willful thinking, much?

Via Pew Research, this is the picture of an uninformed public.

What are people watching for news that they didn’t get this message? Fox News, certainly. But every other major news outlet must have covered this topic, how could people not have known?

But then, Americans seem tired of the whole political charade, these days. Pew’s research also shows that people generally find the presidential election to this point dull, overly-negative and entirely too long. Which is not to say they don’t find it important, which they clearly do.

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The D&C Can’t Find One Health Care Official Who Likes the #HCR Rules

Tom Tobin turns in one of his typical masterpieces. In a three page article on the new ACO rules included with the Health Care Reform Bill, which includes multiple quotes from six different professionals in the health care industry, there is nary a single positive or even modestly open-minded quotation to use in regards to the new regulations. I guess he just couldn’t find a good one:

ACOs get cold shoulder as health reform hits new obstacle | Democrat and Chronicle |

Now, I’m not saying that there isn’t plenty to hate about the implementation of ACOs. I really don’t know. I’m also not saying that none of these interviewees ever said a kind word about the Health Care Reform bill or the ACOs implemented by it. I’m sure they said lots of things that didn’t make the article. What I am saying is that I’m pretty sure I’m no more informed about the issue as a result of reading this article.