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The Media Doesn’t Get Funny ep. II: A New Hopeless

I swear, I try not to spend too much of my time berating the media, but what the hell do you do with this? Gary Trudeau’s ages-old political comic strip Doonesbury has managed to get the author of a new Palin biography to allow excerpts of the book to be “leaked” by Doonesbury’s reporter-in-residence, Roland Headley. The joke is: author McGinniss bought a house next to the Palins, so Headley bought a house next to him.

Its a very basic commentary on the media and the lengths it will go to follow Sarah Palin’s every move, right? No one could misunderstand that, right? Queue Yakkety Sax:

Chicago Tribune: This week’s “Doonesbury” strips don’t meet our standards of fairness | Poynter..

The paper says in an A2 note that “the subject matter does not meet our standards of fairness [because] the strips include excerpts from a book that is not yet on the market and therefore unavailable for review or verification by the Tribune.”


Its a comic strip? I don’t think anyone expected it to be factual, though the sad part is: Doonesbury is often much more factual than the reportage of the stiffs who are blocking its publication. Instead of reading the strip and maybe giving some consideration to a feckless media’s constant and frankly creepy lust for more news of the single most irrelevant figure in modern politics, they pull the whole strip.

So, anyway.. Follow the whole story online, bypassing the ever-less-relevant print media altogether.

Ha! April Fools Fun!

The news item about Maggie Brooks outsourcing DMV services to Taco Bell has been great fun, but it was April Fools! More than a few people commented on this gag on FaceBook, falling for the joke, which is just great fun but we had to stop early to make sure no one showed up at the “protest.”

I don’t often get involved in April Fools, but I figured what the heck? Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did!

Hot Off the CafePresses!

So, I was bored this morning and decided that, rather than code, I’d play around with a few graphic design ideas I’ve been kicking around for a while.

First off, for those of you who love inscrutable three-letter acronyms in oval format for your car/truck/SUV/el Dorado, I give you the very latest in annoyingly trendy acro-sticker technology:

Next up, a bit more with the acronyms. Show your friends you know more than they think you do about fashion with this hot little trend-setter, available in men’s and women’s sizes. Read carefully:

That print features the skyline of New York in the lettering, in case you aren’t able to see it. There’s lots of other half-assed stuff you can buy at the DragonFlyEye.Net Swag Shop.

David Blaine on Perspective

David Blaine will be suspended above the ice rink in Central Park for 60 hours.  It only takes maybe six to get there, so it’s not too late if you want to watch him. . . well, . . . hang there.

Asked why he does the dopey shit he does (I’m sure that’s not how the question was framed), he said this:

Magician Blaine to hang upside down for 60 hrs | Entertainment | Reuters

“I like to do these things because it gives me a different perspective, for a short duration. But that perspective is important to the rest of my normal existence,” he said.

So, Dave: have you ever done something which altered your perspective to the point that you realized what a useless douchebag you are to the rest of us?  You should try something like that.

If a Sphincter Winks in the Forest, Does it Make a Noise?

Perhaps not, but apparently it does leave a paper trail. Josh Marshall at TPM points out this great OpEd piece from Michael Gerson, railing against Al Franken’s brazen crudeness. Because, of course, we all know Al as the king of filthy humor. Watch in delight and mirth as he goes out of his way to look like a humorless loser by itemizing Franken’s humor:

Michael Gerson – Vulgarian at the Gate – washingtonpost.com

Franken’s “brand name” includes other highlights. In 2006, after a long monologue about a dog and its vomit, Franken impersonated the deceased Sen. Strom Thurmond as saying: “Yeah, I screwed a woman who was vomiting once.” He once proposed a television sketch about a female CBS reporter being drugged and raped. He has suggested that his next book title might be “I F — — — Hate Those Right-Wing Motherf — — — !” At an event hosted by the Feminist Majority Foundation in 1999, Franken offered this thigh-slapper: “Why don’t we focus on what Afghan women can do? They can cook, bear children and pray. As I recall, that was fine for our grandmothers.”

I’d like to think that Gerson isn’t just feigning humorlessness. I’d like to think he’s really that dumb. And best of all, he joins our own Rochester Democrat and Chronicle puditry in it’s crusade against long-dead musical trends:

Michael Gerson – Vulgarian at the Gate – washingtonpost.com

Our popular culture, of course, violates even these expansive boundaries of tastelessness with regularity. We laugh at comedies featuring the C-word and at cartoons of foul-mouthed third-graders. In the cause of relevance and realism, our common life is already decorated with excrement. Why should political discourse be any different?

For at least one reason: Because vulgarity is often the opposite of civility. . . But the vulgarity of “The Jerry Springer Show” or misogynous rap music — the cultural equivalents of Franken’s political “satire” — generally expresses contempt and cruelty.

Note how, in an attempt at humor, a Conservative columnist feigns concern over “misogyny.” Well, we can’t all be Jerry Lewis.