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Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting Greg from, one of the best and most established blogs in the Rochester music scene.  There’s been some small discussion of bringing our two spheres of influence (such as they are) into synchronicity somehow.  Greg works with a lot of the local music and entertainment bloggers like Jason Crane a lot, especially when the Jazz Fest comes to town.  What a colaberation  between us might look like remains to be seen, and since we spent the entire time jawing about topics mostly unrelated to either of our two blogs, the meeting didn’t make anything clearer.

But one thing was clear, and that is that Greg is a definitely cool guy with great stuff going on at his blog.  We did manage to kick around a few ideas and get a sense of our styles the other night, hanging out at the old Moonbeans, the Starlight Cafe.  This blogging community could always use another unique voice, and I certainly don’t have any problems writing periodically on another blog.

Stay tuned!