Rochester Technology

RIT to get new data center security, paid security gigs for students

McAfee’s generosity has landed itself in a sweet position with Rochester Institute of Technology for many years to come. The company donated $2.3 million in security hardware and software to RIT in an effort to enhance information security and research programs on campus. The generous donation will be used towards the establishment of a new data center located in Institute Hall as well as the McAfee Interlock Lab which will be launched in RIT’s B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences.

These data centers will be available to the entire RIT community. The energy-efficient labs will provide the latest in processing and storage, high-speed networking, and server management. The McAfee Interlock Lab will also provide opportunities for students to perform research and learn more about endpoint, server, and mobile security.
One way McAfee is benefitting of this great partnership is the opportunity to showcase its world-class security solutions in a higher learning environment. As a security provider to one of the top computing and information technology universities in the country, McAfee will certainly get recognition from the media as well as other higher learning institutes. McAfee can also expect new recruits from RIT’s graduating classes within the College of Computing and Information Sciences. What better than to hire individuals who already have experience with the latest technology McAfee has to offer?

The main point of this collaboration is that McAfee will certainly provide more than just increased information security for RIT students. Ultimately, cooperative experiences will be available for students within the College of Computing and Information Sciences. These paid positions would include working on RIT’s information security and performing tasks in the data center itself—while working as McAfee employees.

In an interview with Buffalo news Channel 7, Mike Goffin, a 4th year Information Security student discusses job opportunities in the field.

“I’ve already gotten several offers,” said Goffin. “There are always companies out there that don’t even know if they need security. It’s just really great to get the word out there so companies start to realize that they need to take it up a step. RIT is really providing those students to those companies.”
According to Goffin, the job market in the field of information security is growing and will continue to grow with better and newer technology that becomes available.

Through this brilliant partnership, both sides are sure to reap the benefits. RIT will improve its network security and have the tools to teach more effectively. By providing the opportunity and the technology, McAfee has established for itself a bounty of skilled and well-informed individuals who will be able to apply their knowledge of McAfee products and software their first day on the job.