Schuster’s the Problem, eh?

David Schuster is obviously an asswipe.  Why he would say anything as stupid as the Chelsea comment would be beyond me if I hadn’t watched the guy.  Even if he’s most of the time on the liberal side of the media and even if he’s willing to call Bush a liar from time to time, that is only further evidence that he’s a loudmouth.  I have seen the man consistently talk over his guests and ask them the same question thirteen times because all he wants them to do is confirm what his opinion is.  There are no interviews in his studio, only David Schuster and those he expects to prop up his world view.  It’s very, very O’Rielly of him.  That being the case, the Chelsea comment is really only the logical expression of who the man is: an asswipe.

But linking though this great piece at TPM Cafe, we find that not only is Schuster not the only one to be found acting mysogenistically, but that there is in fact what seems to be a frat-house zeal about teasing women from time to time.  Even good journalists with ethics enough to say no to the Paris Hilton story du jour are not immune, especially if they’ve made the unfortunate decision to pair up with Joe Scarbourough.  Here’s to hoping that, when next the Mika Brzezinski contract negotiations come up, she gets herself her own show:


I mean really.  Watch that video.  Joe sniffs the Paris Hilton story paper?  It doesn’t take a masters degree in sensitivity training to figure out how that might be taken “the wrong way.”  But that’s apparently acceptable, but the “pimping” comment is not?