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Your Top 5 Posts for Feb 11th

The Super Bowl dominated the first half of this week, followed by a lot of bad news the rest of the week. But our Jillian Seaton knocked it out of the park with two really interesting article this week, so I guess you could say she’s this site’s savior of the week!

I was sick Wednesday, so there’s not a lot of linking going on. Sorry! But I hope you all enjoy this list of links and I’ll see you next week!
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Copyright Run Amok: Chrysler’s Superbowl ad blocked on their own YouTube channel » DragonFlyEye.Net

The real losers in Super Bowl XLVI were the people who insist on watching just for the commercials.

Amazing but true: about the only commercial most Super Bowl watchers agreed was awesome got blocked on the Chrysler YouTube channel because the NFL disputed the copyright on…. well, what, exactly? Maybe the word “half time.”

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The refreshing taste of carbonated water, sugar and flame retardant » DragonFlyEye.Net

Pictured above: death in carbonated form.

Ah! The delights of factory-made food! Jillian Seaton gives us a glimpse into some of the uglier facets of Mountain Dew, including melted mice and flame retardant.

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Hard-boiled egg recall expands, eggs in 33 states »

Pictured above: death in ovarian form

The story started out that Wegmans was recalling hard-boiled eggs. It now appears that a single supplier sold eggs that show traces of lysteria to several grocers in as many as 33 states.

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Food packaging plant Cryovac closes, 180 jobs cut »

Pictured above: death in small business form

As if the City of Rochester could use more bad news this week, a local food packaging producer announced this week that they will be closing their doors, leaving 180 employees without jobs. This is especially tough because they’re manufacturing jobs, and those are getting increasingly hard to find within city limits.

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Lake Ontario’s Very Own Nessie – Could a ‘Sea Monster’ Appear on Charlotte Beach? » DragonFlyEye.Net


Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water – well, ok, not altogether “safe,” exactly. This is Lake Ontario we’re talking about here.. Well, erm. Pig-dog weird thing washes ashore on the Canadian side. Just read it.

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