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Sibling Rivalry?

It’s always nice when the more precocious one’s in the family pass on thier expertise to the rest, just so long as they don’t start showing off.

This is how you flap your wings!

Here we see the young ones, feathers blosoming and getting ready to take flight, observing how the flapping of the wings is done. Won’t be long now, and they’ll be out and flying. Geeze. Sarah’s gonna be bummed when there’s no more birdcam to look at!

Grumpy Banded Babies. . .

See the Grumpy Babies up Close!Nothing spoils the mood of a baby falcon, especially one whose already molting his or her first feathers, quite like getting banded. Just ask these grumpy ones!

FalconCam: Home Alone

I just got home from doing laundry and decided that since Sarah had left the FalconCam open, I’d hit refresh and see what I came up with. Apparently, mother falcon has decided that the chicks are old enough and the weather warm enough that she could go run some errands and leave the little ones home alone for a time:

Home Alone

The nest must look a whole lot bigger and maybe even scarrier without mom or dad to fill it up. Here we see all the little ones crammed in together, sharing body heat as chicks will do. I couldn’t believe my good fortune at having captured this moment, because you so rarely see the chicks by themselves in a way where you can really get a good look at them.

Home Alone, Close-up

The chick in this photo seems to say, “Where ever mom is, I hope she brings back food!”

Mom Returns, but no food. . .
Ah ha! Mom has returned, but if the little one was looking for a fresh meal, he’s going to be disappointed. Whatever errand took mom away from the nest, it wasn’t shopping.

Wonderful Semi-Profile of Mom!
Here’s a great picture of mom. What a nice profile!

Russling up the Little OnesHere’s what must be the hard part: getting all the little squirming buggers in the same pile so you can sit on them. Mom seems to have the situation well in hand, though.

Classic BirdCam Shot!

Another great grab by my fiancee!

That’s Some Powerful Crap!

In our ever-increasingly interesting search for alternative energy sources, this one ranks up there as one of the weirdest:

Science & Technology at Scientific American.com: Microbes Convert Wastewater into Useable Electricity

Millions of tiny microbes infest the water that carries the detritus of human life and society. Some of them steadily break down the organic material in waste streams and produce electrons in the process. By harvesting these electrons, scientists have created microbial fuel cells. New research shows how such biological power plants can be stacked to create usable current.


Big News About Little Falcons! The First Chick has Hatched!!

How cool! At approximately 10:30am this morning, a new life was born on top of the Kodak Tower!

My fiancee was extra exited to have happened upon a very special moment in the Falcon Cam season: the first of the baby falcons has hatched this morning and we caught it on the web. Without further ado, here are the pictures we managed to capture: