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Not Looking Good for McCain in New Hampshire

I was about to post an article about McCain’s strategy for winning this election.  It involves winning New Hampshire.  Well, it’s not looking real good so far:

Donklephant » Blog Archive » Obama Wins 59% Of Hart’s Location, NH Vote

This is another place Bush won in 2004.

What’s more, no Democrat has ever won here. And Obama’s margin is the most since they started.

Well, Now, Things Just Got Interesting. . .

If Barack Obama’s win in Iowa was something of an unexpected upset over Hillary, then Hillary’s defeat of Barack in New Hampshire was, according to all the poll data coming out yesterday, even more so.  Hillary Clinton managed to beat the pundits and make this race a whole lot more interesting.  Good for her, and good for our democracy.  In this year when Democrats are out raising, out spending and out voting Republicans by two-to-one margins, we can finally afford to have a real debate about what the Dems are going to bring to the party this year.  And in this year when the field is so over abundant with talent, maybe that debate will bring to light real changes that this country desperately need.

I just got done watching Barack Obama’s speech after his second place finish in Iowa.  He was gracious enough to congratulate Hillary Clinton at the outset, but peppered throughout his speech was some pointed rhetoric aimed squarely in her face:

We have been told we cannot do this by a chorus of cynics.  That chorus will only grow louder in the weeks and months ahead.  We have been asked to take a reality break, we have been warned against giving the people of this nation false hope, but in the unlikely story that is America, there has never been anything false about hope.

Ooh, damn.  Now the question is: what is the next step for Barack Obama?  His campaign has been based on positivity and hope, and while Bill Clinton seems to believe there has been more body checking we haven’t heard about, the public persona of the campaign has not engaged in too much aggression.  But as high-minded as he might want to be, Hillary is going to get increasingly personal, and any Republican contender will be worse.  His speech last night hints at a more aggressive stance in defense of change that he might take on in the future, it will be interesting to see what happens.

Now Who is “Attacking From the Right?”

I’ll give ya three guesses. Her first name rhymes with “pillory” her last name is associated with a “ditch” and her saving grace is that she’s got a smokin’ hot daughter:

New Hampshire Will Be Key Battle In GOP Civil War – Politics on The Huffington Post

Hillary’s aides point to Obama’s extremely progressive record as a community organizer, state senator and candidate for Congress, his alliances with “left-wing” intellectuals in Chicago’s Hyde Park community, and his liberal voting record on criminal defendants’ rights as subjects for examination.Along the same lines, ABC reported that Clinton aides gave the network various examples, of Obama’s controversial stands. The aides cited Obama’s past assertion that he would support ending mandatory minimum sentences for federal crimes, pointing to a 2004 statement at an NAACP-sponsored debate: “Mandatory minimums take too much discretion away from judges.”