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DFE on WHAM13 Tonight!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, I didn’t catch the airing of the piece, as it turned out to be aired at 5pm instead of 6pm. I guess that makes me the “Not Quite Ready for Prime Time Blogger.” They don’t have the video posted, at least not yet, but they do have the print article for your edification:

Many Constituents Disappointed with County Dems – 13WHAM.com

Local bloggers on the political left wonder about Democrats’ decision not to run against the Brooks’ political machine.

Kyle Clark of WHAM13 got in touch with me, looking for reaction to the Democrat’s failure to post a candidate for Monroe County Executive. I went out at lunch time and did a quick ten minute interview with him which I presume will be appearing on the 6 o’clock news tonight. Be sure to watch me look like an idiot!

Actually, I don’t think I did all that bad. He’d asked what I thought of the failure to produce a Democratic challenger. I responded that I don’t think it’s good for local democracy not to have an opponent from the Democratic Party, that I’m disappointed not to see a Democratic voice for change in the race, and that as a practical matter, I think it’s an electoral mistake to leave Maggie’s money out there to challenge the Legislative races the Dems are so confident in taking.

I also mentioned that the Dems should probably at least endorse Andrew Stainton and let him run on the Democratic slate. BTW, RochesterTurning.com has a great interview with Stainton posted today.

Speaking of RT, Kyle asked about the local blogging community. I told him that I certainly cannot do what I do without all the other contributors to the community, and I’m sure others feel the same way. He asked about other blogs, both Progressive and Conservative. I mentioned RT, WPB, Fighting 29th and Mustard Street as good resources. Here’s hoping that didn’t end up on the cutting room floor. Sorry to anyone who didn’t get a mention, but I didn’t expect the question.

Well, we shall see how it all comes out around 6:30pm at the latest. . . .

Nutty Monroe County Legislature Elections Laws

I’ve been working on my Monroe County Legislature page on RocWiki, plugging along and adding details as I go. For assistance, I’ve been relying on a few members of the Legislature who’ve been good enough to lend their assistance. One of those has been Carla Palumbo. Another is the outgoing Majority Leader, Bill Smith, who has been instrumental in helping me navigate the sometimes quirky legal maze that is the Monroe County Legislative process.

In fact, we’ve discovered that the Monroe County Charter is not available online, and he’s told me he’s looking into getting that posted to the MC.gov website, which would be a huge step towards a more open government for Monroe County. After all, how open can you be if no one knows the rules?

But in working on the page, I noticed what I thought was a discrepancy.  In fact it’s just a bit of nutty – and it appears largely Monroe County-exclusive – rules making. Looking up the bios of Legislators, I had thought that I was safe in assuming that they got elected on four-year cycles. But in discussing this with Mr. Smith, he said that terms were limited in the Legislature to ten years. . .

Wait. I’m no matha-bu-tician, but I’m pretty sure that 10 doesn’t divide by 4 easily. . . Continue reading Nutty Monroe County Legislature Elections Laws

Monroe County Legislature: Carla Palumbo

In my previous post about the Monroe County Legislature elections, I’d wondered aloud about the status of Minority Leader Carla Palumbo’s status, now that she’s running for City Council.  This while in the midst of assessing the Democratic chances of getting the needed 3 seats to upset the current Republican majority.

I’ve received word that Mrs. Palumbo is indeed running for Northwest City Council position.  In the event that she wins that seat, she will leave her position in the Legislature in January, to be replaced with an interim appointment.  A new special election will then be held for that position in 2008.  There does not appear to be any hard-and-fast rule determining who appoints the interim Legislator, but convention would have the Democratic Committee decide.

Of course, in the absence of a “House Rule”-equivalent for such practices, exceptions to the rules might be made if the Republicans are in imminent danger of losing the Legislature.  I don’t know if that’s ever happened in the past, though.

But assuming there’s no last-minute, post-election wheeling and dealing, it appears that Legislator Palumbo’s seat is safely in Democratic hands for the current election, regardless of the outcome.  That leaves the 3-seat pickup for their goal this year.

So, that’s the story. . .