Whoops! Twitter contractor accidentally double-pays survey takers.

Because I’ve done a small amount of advertising on Twitter, I’m part of their Twitter for Business mailing list. On that list, they asked me to be part of a survey about how I do my business and how I interact with social. You know, the typical stuff. In exchange for participating in the survey, I was offered a $10.00 payment to my PayPal account. Awesome! A little extra change, maybe for a little extra advertisement.

Today, I received my payment. And then, shortly thereafter, I received my payment. Again.

Being away from the office, I didn’t have a chance to check my balance to see if I’d just gotten the email twice or had, in fact, gotten a double payment. Then I just received this email:


We need your help!

You may have accidentally received two $10.00 payments for the Twitter Businesses’ Social Media presence study from March 3rd to March 7th. If you have received a duplicate payment, if you could please refund it back to us that would be great! We made a mistake here and really appreciate your help. This was sent by If you have any questions or need help, please e-mail us at Thank you so much for your help here and have a great day!


The OneOpinion Team



So, does Hugh still have a job, or what? There’s got to be a lot of advertisers, and that’s a lot of money to double pay. Lucky for all involved, I’m an unnecessarily honest man. Besides, who needs that kind of bad Karma?