There’s So Much to Talk About. . .

John Sacheli turns in a great – if highly verbose – rant, filled with observations on daily life.  But hands-down, this one’s my favourite:

» An observation of our society » Pissin in the Wind

They’re even pushing drugs on your kids now. If your kid acts out at school a few times they immediately jump to the conclusion that they need psycho-analysis and the need to be on temperament medication. Little kids shouldn’t be depressed enough to need a pill. Acting out on occasion doesn’t justify giving a kid Ritalin. Maybe some kids need that stuff but there’s a whole lot of them that really don’t. We are creating a society of numbed out legal drug addicts.

You know, maybe they should invent a pill for making you a good parent. Then your kids will turn out fine and maybe all the world’s problems would start to turn around. (Who am I kidding, there’s no money in that anyway.)

I guess goofballs and Ripple Wine don’t count as a drug that makes you a better parent. There goes my master plan. . .