Bush in Canandaigua: Metro Justice to Greet Him

If you’re looking for a protest to Bush’s arrival in Canandaigua, Metro Jusice has your answer. For myself, sadly, the drive is a bit much and I have to work. I will not be attending, but here’s the information for the good of the blogosphere:

Massive Rally to Fix Bush’s Part D Disaster
Real Medicare RX Now!
March 14
158 Lakeshore Drive
Buses will be arriving from around the state. Thousands of phone calls are being made.
We expect hundreds of people.
This rally is being held before Bush’s arrival to maximize press coverage. Our experience from Bush’s Social Security Privatization visit to Rochester is that grassroots groups can get their message across best by holding events in the days leading up to the President’s arrival and at a different time and separate place from the President’s event.
Last year, before Bush’s arrival in Greece to tout his Social Security privatization plan, several press conferences were held and the headlines were dominated by criticisms of Bush’s plan.
On the day of Bush’s trip, although the local media offered only fleeting glimpses of the massive rally to defend Social Security (over 1,200 people turned out- more than turned out for Bush’s event), USA Today’s article focused on the depth of the opposition displayed at the Universalist Church.
That was the article read by the decisionmakers in Washington DC.
-Jon Greenbaum, Metro Justice Organizer

Molly, I’d Marry You If I Wasn’t Engaged. . .

Molly Ivins is perhaps the best orator for the movement that isn’t happening in America right now.  I read this peice whilst discussing the CMCE efforts with Jon Greenbaum of Metro Justice last night, and it’s brilliant, if only because it’s so simple.  If you read no farther in this peice, read the statement below:

Enough of the D.C. Dems

We don?t need a lobby reform package, you dimwits, we need full public financing of campaigns, and every single one of you who spends half your time whoring after special interest contributions knows it.

What Conservatives Think of Bush

An irony to be sure: the Bush Administration cuts everything under the sun, but still is regarded by CATO as a “Big-Government” administration.  At least thier happy with the Supreme Court appointees, and I think we can all agree, they’re wonderful.

At Conservative Forum on Bush, Everybody’s a Critic

“This is a big-government agenda,” he (Andrew Sullivan) said. “It is fueled by a new ideology, the ideology of Christian fundamentalism.” The bearded pundit offered his own indictment of Bush: “complete contempt” for democratic processes, torture of detainees, ignoring habeas corpus and a “vast expansion of the federal government.”

Bush Fighting Upwind. . .

This new post from Daily Kos shows that Americans are a trifle peeved at President Bush.? Lovingly entitled “Thiry frickin’ four,” it shows some stunningly low numbers for Bush across the board for his handling of. .? well, just about everything.? The good news for the Administration?? Everyone’s sick of the Dead-Eye Dick story.? That might actually be good news for all of us.

Representative Slaughter’s “America For Sale”

I’m barely 20 pages into Congresswoman Slaughter’s “America For Sale“(PDF) report, and if I thought I knew what sleazy business went on during the passing of the Medicare bill, I was sorely mistaken. I’m making a quick pass through to check what there is to offer in the report, but for now I would recommend anyone with any interest in salvaging democracy in the US take a gander.

So is Congresswoman Louise Slaughter in favour of Clean Money, Clean Elections? No word yet, but the folks over at MetroJustice.org are looking into it, and perhaps DFE will get a taste. We shall see. . .

The Great Dubai Debate (or, the United Arab “Heckuva job” Emerates?)

Well, certainly things are starting to get interesting in the Homeland Security department these days. With Dubya’s boys recruiting a state-run company from the UAE to watch the ports of our own nation, this is bound to get fun.

There are a great many different concepts in play on this issue, and it will be interesting to see how things shake out, especially with elections coming up and the Republican heartland recoiling in xenophobic disgust. But this issue isn’t going to be any easier for Democrats. For fun, I’m just going to list out some of the general concepts being bandied about:

  1. Xenophobia: This isn’t an easy one for Dems. Are we saying that forgien nations cannot be trusted? That is the current rhetorical line from the White House.
  2. Outsourcing and “Free Trade”: Here’s one for the Republicans and Dems alike to dance around. Another chief defense of the WH, we need to keep the free flow of capital going. That’s always a popular one with the American people. David Sirota has a good wrapup on this on HuffPo.
  3. Lame Duck-iness: Consider what would happen if the Congress passed a law banning this deal and Bush vetoed it as he has threatened to do. That would be the first veto the President ever used, and the last act of a fully-plucked lame duck.
  4. Cronyism: Of course you knew that two of the principles in this deal are Bush White House officials with ties to the company. Shall we call them the United Arab “Heckuva job” Emerates?
  5. Our Economy: how is it that a foreign country ~ any country ~ shoudl be charged with the responsibility of port security when our economy needs new jobs?
  6. Security: it’s always the last thing on the list, isn’t it? Despite the great trumpeting on the Right about thier superior powers of security, this one just smells wrong on a number of levels.

Ultimately this plan will fail, but the question is: how will it go out? My best-case scenario is that Congress *does* pass a law and that Bush *does* veto it, and it goes back to the Congress where the veto is overturned by an overwhelming majority. That is unlikely to happen, because it is the single worst-case scenario for the Republican Party, but it would be nice, wouldn’t it? either way, the president is going to get his water-fowl groove on soon enough, and it will need to be the Republicans who hand him his feathers and bill, so this is going to be a fun one to watch.
As I watch this whole thing unfold thusfar, I am struck by the one-track political “prowess” of our White House. Once again, they are trying to use the implication of racial prejudice as a wedge to keep detractors inline. Of course, considering the racial profiling conducted by the government in the name of National Security, this doesn’t hold much water, but that’s a snipe not a real answer.

The real answer is that there just is no good reason to hand this job over to anyone outside the government in the first place, because as a democratic society, we expect the government to be answerable for the things we charge them to do. It is not acceptable that some of the most critical and sensitive portions of thier responsibility should be delegated out to anyone, least of all another country.

It turns out that the company in question is one that was originally a British company and sold to the UAE-run company, which only serves to tell me that right from the start, this whole thing was wrong.

As for the question of treating other countries fairly, this has to sound funny to just about anyone who’s paid any attention to the Bush Administration at all. As Josh Marshall points out, the President has not made it his business to treat other countries fairly at all, but rather to do whatever he could to grease the wheels of Corporate America. That, along with the cronyism charge, will ultimately be the impression of the people that will kill off his effectiveness as a leader for good.

Oh, Laura Bush is Just Disgusting

So, evidently, Laura Bush regards herself in a “club” that includes President Bush the Former and his wife, Laura’s husband, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. The President’s Club.

I don’t know what part of this I find more repugnant: the fact that Laura equates the relationship between these folks as a private club, or the fact that in some ways, she’s right. Such such a bourgeois attitude has not been seen on the pages of our Internet since, as fate would have it, Barbara Bush’s infamous assesment of the Katrina victim’s Houston situation.

And what of this little secret club these people have? Hillary is going to try running in 08, which if she were successful would give us no less than 24 years of Bush/Clinton rule in this country. That means that there are people who were born 24 years ago and don’t know a world without these two families running the show. It won’t be long before any previous presidents are all dead.

My opinion on the subject?? If you’re rich and want to build a dynasty, buy a race car and leave the presidency alone.