The Cervical Cancer Spin

Gardasil.  It’s everywhere.  On television, in movies, in print.  But didn’t that happen rather fast?  And what was the risk of cervical cancer to women prior to the vaccination?

All these questions and more are posed and partially answered in this excellent article.

I appreciate vaccination as much as the next guy.  I’m sure that I would rather live in the world we have today than a world where people die from stubbing their toes.  Still, it is exactly these types of value questions and logical inquries which are simply lacking in our media, our government and in our health system.  In fact, we are actively encouraged to abdicate our common sense to drug companies’ ability to spin new diseases and crisises in advance of their own cures.

Go ahead, try it some time: the next time you walk into some sort of specialty clinic for some specialty treatments – some little office in a great big office building in Henrietta – ask the doctor how many patients come through the doors with your problem, and how many leave cured.

They won’t answer.