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That Thing Donald Trump Said About Pat Buchanan

I did a little digging into Donald Trump’s gobsmacking statement on Meet the Press this morning. For those that have not already seen, given the opportunity to disavow the endorsements of White Supremacists as notorious as David Duke, Trump said simply, “I don’t know David Duke.”

As has been commented frequently on social media, anyone under 30 could be forgiven for not seeing any particular relevance to the name David Duke. But a man as politically and socially active as Trump at Trump’s age cannot with any shred of credibility state that they do not know the name David Duke. Not at least enough to know that his is an endorsement no serious candidate to the Presidency could accept. Yet, giving the opportunity, Trump dodged the question.

But there is at least this little nugget of Donald Trump’s colorful political past, wherein he seems to directly refute the candidacy of Pat Buchanan (another name the under-30 set is not obligated to know). Refute, that is, because he believed Patrick Buchanan was a “Hitler-lover.”

Slate (USA)October 26, 1999
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Buchanan Cuts Hitler Another Break
Author: Jacob Weisberg

Pat Buchanan’s Holocaust revisionism has never taken the form of his denying that Nazis murdered some Jews. Rather, he has consistently hinted, indicated, and implied that that he thinks the Nazis were somewhat less guilty of the Holocaust than people make them out to be. Today on ABC’s Good Morning America, Buchanan tried shifting the blame for the Holocaust away from the Nazis once again. Asked by Diane Sawyer about Donald Trump‘s comment that he was a “Hitler-lover,” the newest candidate for the Reform Party nomination had this to say:

Well let me explain. In the book I wrote, I referred to Hitler as a monster. I say that he–he behaved like Al Capone in his first days in office and he and Stalin let loose their SS and NKVD killers and set up Auschwitz and perpetuated the massacre.

The Russian NKVD was the 1930s ancestor of the KGB. It helped Stalin to kill many millions in its day. The Jews of Auschwitz, however, were not among them. To be more specific: Russian NKVD killers did not help to “set up Auschwitz.” Nor did they “perpetuate the massacre” there. Auschwitz didn’t even begin operating as a death camp until 1942, long after Hitler ended his non-aggression pact with Stalin by invading the Soviet Union.

Claiming that Hitler and the Nazis weren’t solely responsible for Auschwitz may be the single most extraordinary and outrageous thing Buchanan has ever said about the Holocaust. It isn’t anyone’s eccentric or revisionist view of history. It’s the fantasy of a disturbed person who thinks he can get elected president with the support of the Teamsters, David Duke, and Lenora Fulani.

Yesterday the Republican Party … today his faculties.

So if you’re keeping score at home, shifting blame away from Hitler is beyond the pale for Donald Trump. But getting the endorsement of one of Buchanan’s own favourites is not worth disavowing.

Personally, I Hope He Did Look at Her Ass

That’s all. Whatever Republicans are making out of the photo of Barack Obama, I really do hope he was looking at her ass. If that’s the worst case scenario, it beats having your parents pay off your mistress or having anonymous gay sex in Minnesota airport bathrooms, Florida park bathrooms or chat sessions with teenage pages…. and then denying the whole thing.

And I gotta say, the picture plays on a couple standard-issue Republican points: a black man looking at a white girl’s ass and a European leader looking right along with him. No wonder this is the stuff of Drudge Reportage.

Xenophobia Goes Viral

You knew it had to come to this: Conservative radio talk show hosts have decided that the swine flu means it’s OK to act like swine:

Amid swine flu outbreak, racism goes viral – Swine flu- msnbc.com.

. . . And Thursday, Boston talk radio host Jay Severin was suspended after calling Mexican immigrants “criminalians” during a discussion of swine flu and saying that emergency rooms had become “essentially condos for Mexicans.”

Just as You Suspected

John McCain’s latest ad goes all-in on white fear of black welfare mamas.  It uses the word “welfare” in relation to Obama no less than three times and then follows up with, “Just as you suspected, Barack Obama is not truthful about taxes.”

So to recap, Barack Obama’s the lyin’, welfare-takin’ baby daddy you always knew hung out in places in the city you’ve never been.  No reason to trust that sort of thing, now, is there?

Oh, You Republicans. Princes of Irony, All.

Billboard in Missouri cries out with irony.  You could eat the contradiction with a spoon.
Billboard in Missouri cries out with irony. You could eat the contradiction with a spoon.

A friend sent me this picture in email this morning. It’s a billboard which is apparently hanging up somewhere in public in the great state of Missouri.  Things are getting pretty bald-faced nasty in that state, it would appear.  There is nothing quite as unsettling in that Big Brother way than billboards like this one or the churchie signs on Rt 15 through Pennsylvania.

But when I look at this billboard in particular, I’m overcome with a sense of irony.  The sign begins by baldly stating that Barack Obama is a Muslim, therefore an extremist, therefore a terrorist.  Then it goes on to list all the things Barack Obama would foster as president.

Man, oh man.  I can hardly think of a person more qualified to eliminate abortion and taxes, kill gays and remove restrictions to guns than a religious extremist.  If they don’t want those things they wrote about on their billboard, they should really hire a terrorist religious freak to be president.  Oh, wait.  They already did that once, didn’t they?

And to add irony on top of irony, John McCain less qualified to uphold their “family values” than even Barack Obama is.

Martin Bashir and his Obama Comments

Much is being made of Martin Bashir’s comments at the UNITY Conference.  It seems like people are taking his comments as racism.  But if you watch the video, it’s pretty clear that his words are commentary on the American media’s inability to get off the race issue where Obama is concerned.  He’s not suggesting helpful hints for the media, he’s openly ridculing them – and to some extent, all of us – for the naked racism that dominates the coverage of Obama’s candidacy.  There’s even pundits out there – like Pat Buchanan, master of racist politics – who are openly trying to paint Barack Obama as “foreign,” “exotic,” and in any way they can, “other.”

But we’re pissed at Bashir for pointing this out at a diversity conference?  And if it keeps up, he’ll likely lose his job for having the balls to speak the truth.  How typically American.

Oh, About That Dollar Bill?

You’ve heard Barack Obama say that John McCain is trying to scare voters because Obama doesn’t look like the other presidents on the dollar bill.  You may also have heard that John McCain said it was not him but Obama that was playing the race card.  If not, you doubtless will have after clicking the above link.

Well, what you probably haven’t seen – and neither has anyone else except those one or two people who ended up on the JohnMcCainforPresident.com website because they Googled “erectile dysfunction” – is the McCain campaign ad that does exactly what Barack Obama says it does: puts his face on the dollar bill, Mount Rushmore and the Statue of Liberty, asking, “what will he want to change next?”  Check it out, via Crooks and Liars:

Introducing Jamie Piazza!

There’s a new blogger in town, here in DFE land, and his name is Jamie Piazza.  His first post is an interesting republication of an article about the legendary gods of Goth, The Cure, and the controversy surrounding their song Killing an Arab. How timely in so many ways!  Maybe it’s a good thing to remember that anti-Arab hate is not a new or original thing, born solely of a misplaced anger over 911.

Go check him out and say hello!

Oh, Bobby, Bobby. . . .

Whadda ya know? Bob Lonsberry is in hot water over racially-charged comments again. But he’s not racist. Good to know. The more I look around me, the more it looks like the Ninties all over again:

Bob Lonsberry Criticized Over Remarks – 13WHAM.com

In his remarks on June 10, Lonsberry said the Rochester City School District was setting racist standards for giving awards to black students who get a “B” average, while white students are held to higher requirements to receive awards.

I’d call the comments “borderline” at best. Probably not worth firing, but definitely worth a ton of grief for this idiot. At what point do you begin to realize that, once busted for racist remarks, one should probably eschew racially charged issues as often as possible? As I have pointed out in the past, there is a difference between racially insensitive speech and a bonafide racist, but that does not allow the non-clansman to simply escape reproach.

And before anyone starts crying “freedom of speech,” let me say that what you have a right as an individual to speak is not necessarily what is appropriate for you to say in the context of being a representative of an entire radio network. There is an expectation that, as a radio jock, you are capable of facing a microphone and speaking for a few hours without causing race hate. Is that so much to ask?

Lou Dobbs and Race: No, Puh-lease! Finish Your Thoughts!

Lou Dobbs is something of a boner. It’s true. But to be publicly pooh-poohing the idea of an American “problem” discussing race, then inadvertently almost throw out the “cotton-pickin'” phrase?  Verifiably proving the colloquial traps that exist?  That is just priceless!

But set the gaff aside for now. I’m sure those of you who like to think are probably more irritated by what it is he’s actually saying, which is actually much stoopider than his slip of the tongue. Continue reading Lou Dobbs and Race: No, Puh-lease! Finish Your Thoughts!