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The Quayle Effect

Count Josh Marshall among the throngs of liberals who are agape at the idea that Republicans would want to run a presidential candidate like Sarah Palin in 2012.  After the disasterous campaign of John McCain – much of whose demise was either accellerated by or fueled by Sarah Palin’s presence at the second bannana position – many of us would have thought her career ended at this point.  At least, we certainly wouldn’t have expected to hear from her on the presidential level.  But for many reasons, I find her potential nomination to be – if in concept while not necessarily in practice – to be an entirely predictable one.  And for many reasons, I think that nomination is doomed as well.

Beginning with the most basic and short-term of reasons, Republicans lost the election.  Now is not the time for rational thought or effective planning.  Now is the time when we usually find ourselves clinging to the silliest of spars in the sea; to whit, Sarah Palin.  I recall insisting that Al Gore and John Kerry would have made great presidents, even though I’d spent most of those two Presidential election seasons with a knot in my stomach because I really didn’t believe it.  What the reality of the situation is does not matter.  To what extent either of my two emotions towards the Dem tickets was justified is not germane to the discussion: what matters here is the contradiction that comes when you’re licking your wounds and wishing things were different.

But beyond that, there is a larger truth of Republican politics that cannot be ignored: the Republican power structure adores pretty, ineffectual figureheads in executive positions.  From Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush (and notably skipping over George the Elder), what Republicans really want for a president is someone who looks good and evokes love from the general public to take center stage.  They can then fill the void left by a basically clueless figurehead with lots of people behind the scenes whom the public rarely if ever gets to meet.  Here in Rochester, I would in many ways count Maggie Brooks among the popular figureheads of Republican power politics.

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Ok, One More: More Palin Stuff Coming Out

Well, the campaign is over and the back biting will begin in the Republican Party and the McCain/Palin Campaign specifically.  Newsweek has a story, summarized nicely by the Huff Po, about what the real cost of the Neiman Marcus shopping spree was.  And her coming out to speak with McCain advisers in a towel.  People, everybody knows no woman does that sort of thing accidentally.  She was attempting to use sex to get something over on McCain advisors, and I think we all know now why the media in Alaska loved her. . . .

For Sarah Palin: A Clue

Generally, European governments have a lot of money to spend.  As such, it is probably a tip-off that you might be getting pranked when the aid to Prime Minister Sarkozy hands the phone to the Prime Minister.  They have switchboards for that sort of thing, you know:

And for you non-Vice Presidential nominees, don’t forget to keep updated with Sarah Palin as President:


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Clearly, She Doesn’t Get the First Amendment

And lord knows, it’s complicated:

“If [the media] convince enough voters that that is negative campaigning, for me to call Barack Obama out on his associations,” Palin told host Chris Plante, “then I don’t know what the future of our country would be in terms of First Amendment rights and our ability to ask questions without fear of attacks by the mainstream media.”

Well, gosh darnit.  There ya go, ho, ya done it again.  The media discussing you is an example of them exercising their right to free speech, not limiting your own.  Now, candidates for president suggesting the media should not contradict them, that’s a threat to free speech.

But then, she is a Republican.  I think our last Republican President got used to the idea that “Freedom of Speech” had nothing to do with whether or not the president is supposed to listen to the public’s opinion.  Let’s not let another president so benighted occupy the White House.

Path to the White House

Now that Sarah Palin has announced her intention to run for president at the next available opportunity, it’s worth a pause to consider how, exactly, she’s going to do that.  It’s worth considering how other Republicans have made their way to the White House.

It is generally agreed that the Republican base was not happy with John McCain going into the Republican Primaries.  Well, who did support him?  Crucially in the early primary states, it was the independent voter.  Many of those early primaries are held in states where anyone can vote in either primary, Democrat or Republican.  Those independents who lean Republican voted for McCain en mass, they’re now leaving him behind, and it’s partially due to McCain’s pick of the unqualified Sarah Palin for the veep role.  As I mentioned a couple days ago, John McCain is now ironically doing rallies filled with people who never supported him.

Mike Huckabee found out about losing the independent voter.  Mitt Romney learned about losing the independent voter.  The independent voter is currently teaching a continuing education class on their role in American politics.  The test is four days away.  Will this be another educational opportunity lost for Miss Sarah?

Why, Some of My Best Friends are From the Jewish Agency

Oh, the richness.  Sarah Palin tells the Ambassador of Israel to the United States that “We look forward to working with your Jewish Agency.”

Unsubstantiated reports say she added that “we’re really excited to meet you Jewish people, with your Jewish cloths and your funny little Jewish hats.  We gots no Jewish people in Alaska!  Heck, all we gots is Eskimos.  Gots to be careful, no wantz innernational incee-dentz.  Did I mentionz that I nooz you were Joo-ish?  KTHKSBAI.”

Methinks it’s time to take a stroll down Memory Lane at Neiman Marcus before it’s all over, Sarah.

Well, It’s Not Like It’s a Title or Anything. . .

I mean, you don’t need a degree to call yourself an intellectual.  There’s no Devry Institute program you need to complete and there’s no Sally Strothers-approved at-home learning program like there is for really important things, like gunsmithing.

Still, I have to say I find it surprising that Alaska Governor, Miss Alaska Runner-up and Republican Clothing Mogul Sarah Palin also considers herself to be an intellectual.  I gotta say: did NOT see that one coming.

To Type

With all that discussion on the Internet and in the media has been centered around Sarah Palin’s $150,000 shopping spree on the Republican dime, I’ve been surprised to find that no one I’ve read so far as made the point that this is really just Palin playing to type.  Maybe the point has been made but I’ve not read it, in which case this will be – like most of the media, traditional and not – redundant.

But it seems to me that from getting Walt Monegan fired; to taking her $50 a day stipend from the Alaska taxpayers for staying home; to jetting her kids around on the Alaska dime; to talking about the Vice Presidency like it’s a bullwhip on the Congress; to this latest shopping escapade and beyond, money and power seems to be all that Sarah Palin has ever looked for from holding public office.  To date, I have not seen so much as a single swatch of objective evidence to suggest that she’s ever felt any more noble calling which compelled her to public service of any kind.  Unless, of course, you count the fact that Jesus apparently wanted her to do it.  But then, Jesus’ record for calling people to action has been at best a spotted record, indeed.

The McCain Campaign will try to keep this incident isolated to one unfortunately timed shopping spree.  And hey, if they want the subject to be about her going on a shopping spree when she gets the chance at the same time as the rest of the economy goes into recession, that’s fine with me.  But the truth certainly seems to run much, much deeper than that.  Or perhaps, it’s much more shallow.

Sarah Palin Hates the Media and Lobbyists SO MUCH!

. . . er, well. . . maybe not so much. . .

The LA Times is reporting that Sarah Palin met with lobbyists for oil and natural gas companies all the time but never with environmentalists, native groups or anyone else that might have gotten in the way of making money off Alaska’s natural resources.  And oh, yeah: she used to bake cookies for journalists and call them on their birthdays.

At the risk of sounding like I support Sarah Palin, I think it only natural that a state like Alaska be a little corrupted by money.  After all, if it weren’t for all the monied interests down here in the Lower 49 greedily gobbling up their resources, Alaska would be a big, frozen welfare state.  But don’t lie about it.

AK Troopergate Report: DFE Roundup

I’ve just finished up an article on the Troopergate matter in Alaska involving our favourite girl, Sarah Palin.  For those of you who need a refresher on what exactly is going on, this article should probably serve as a good Clift’s Notes version.  And there are also a few other gems I’ve found around the net that haven’t made it into wide circulation, such as this one:

» Palin Attempts to Circumnavigate Troopergate Investigation || DFE News Roundup » DFE News Updates

Specifically, the Seattle Times is reporting that Todd Palin’s affidavit states that the alleged disagreement between the Palins and Monegan was over, among other things, the use of Alaska’s state trooper airplane. Todd Palin claimed that “It seemed that whenever Sarah needed this plane, it was unavailable.” Palin suggested that Monegan may have been retaliating for the Palin’s decision to sell the plane often used by the Public Safety department. This was the plane Sarah Palin has insisted on the stump was sold by her on eBay.