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Michael Palin for Vice President

I was thrilled to hear that John McCain has chosen a bold, out-of-the-box pick for his Vice Presidential running mate in Michael Palin.  Michael has brought years of experience to the screen, both large and small, as one of a cast of comedians in Monty Python and the Flying Circus, but also taking the helm and proving his readiness to lead with many wonderful, worldly documentaries for the BBC. . .

. . . Oh, wait.  Sarah Palin?  Who the fuck is that?

Oh, I see.  Does it strike anyone as just slightly sexist that McCain chose as enticement to the disaffected Clinton voting block a scandal-plagued beauty queen with no experience and a strong pro-life agenda?  I mean, is the fact that she’s got tits supposed to be the only thing that matters to the flighty chick crowd?  I guess this was McCain’s way of saying, “keep up the good work, Toots.”

It has been many times said over this election season that vice presidential picks rarely bring much to the ticket.  But with Geraldine Ferraro and George McGovern’s Thomas Eagleton, history’s dustbin is filled with those whose veep picks have ruined their chances.  The next three months will judge whether history will be adding another footnote to its lengthy list.