Your Top 5 Posts for September 4th

A hurricane, a supernova, an Earth-like exoplanet (maybe) and pilfering newlyweds. No shortage of fun stuff this week, was there?

Every other thing is eclipsed by Hurricane Irene, of course. There has been lots of discussion over the last few years about the amount of media coverage given to storms and whether its appropriate. But Irene showed that the volume of coverage is probably less important than the focus, which is largely on the whiz-bang of the storm itself and less on the aftermath, which we’re still feeling.

But it wasn’t all glum news this week. A new potentially Earth-like planet was discovered 36 light years away; a supernova shines its light on us and I get to talk to a cool dude from the Strasenburgh Planetarium; and my favourite story of the week: the Pilfering Newlyweds, who tried to steal materials for their wedding reception. Plus lots more, take a look! See ya next week:
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Mike Seidel broadcasting during Hurricane Irene

A Warning for Some, Entertainment for Others

No one doubts the importance of weather news coverage. But its also hard to deny the ratings competition during major weather events, which leads to sloppy and often misdirected media coverage overall.

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An artist's rendering of an Earth-like planet

New Planet May Be Among Most Earthlike—Weather Permitting

A newly-discovered planet 36 light years away seems to have all the right conditions to be considered “Earth-like,” and therefore most likely to have or potentially have life similar to that found here. The question remains: is the temperature right to allow for vapourized water?

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This is the face of receptile disfunction

Newlyweds Busted Trying to Shoplift $1049 in Groceries For Their Wedding Reception – The Smoking Gun

No question about it: this was my favourite story of the week. And apparently, yours too! A couple actually went to a local Wegmans and attempted to steal everything from a seafood plate to toothbrushes ahead of their wedding reception later that same day. It didn’t work. Because there are cameras. No word on when the rescheduled reception will take place.

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Do you trust this certificate? Well, do ya, punk?

Trust, Internet Style: Security, Certificates and Vulnerability – DragonFlyEye.Net

One of the biggest – and esoteric – hacks in the history of the Internet has been discovered in Iran. But because the hack concerns some really obscure Internet technologies and because it happened in Iran, the media seems less than interested in covering the story. But the reality is: what happened in Iran can be repeated and would have huge consequences for the Internet at large even if it doesn’t.

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Color-enhanced image of the Spiral Galaxy with the newest supernova in the neighborhood

A Supernova in Rochester? Better Head Out of the City Lights – DragonFlyEye.Net

I’m glad this ended up being so popular, as it was the first interview I’ve done in probably four or five years. I sat down with Steve Frentes of the Strasenburgh Planetarium to discuss the supernova whose 24 million light year-old explosion’s light is shining down upon us.

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