Nine Inch Nails in Rochester, 06/03/10

The fiancee and I took in a NiN concert last night at the Blue Cross/Blue Shield War Memorial Arena.? (I know, it’s just the BS/BC, but screw them: a memorial to the fallen doesn’t just get erased by corporate greed in my book)? Here’s a few preliminary pictures.? It seems like no one really cares about pictures anymore because of the camera phone thing.? Next time, I’m bringing a real camera.

Trent Reznor Hurt 06/03/10

Really cool show, I’ll comment on it later.? The Misses needs to use the computer now. . . .

DragonFlyEye.Net v4.0

There comes a time in every young website’s life that things begin to change.? It takes an interest in other websites, it finds hair growing in places it didn’t grow before, and it’s voice deepens. . .

OK, so that’s just stupid.? The point being: it’s time for a big change in the way DragonFlyEye.Net is put together.? Version 3.0 has done great things, and I’ve gone pretty far in my goal of being a completely functional news-type website, but for several reasons, it is time for a rebuild.

Classic Tech Support Story

OK, so I’ve been hearing stories where people have said this for years, but I’ve never actually talked to someone this stupid.

Client calls up about twenty minute ago (I just got off the phone with her, you’ll understand why in a moment) because her Monitor will not turn on.? No power, no display, nothing.? The LED on the Monitor doesn’t even turn on.? As a tech, I know this could be a simple problem of the Monitor not being connected to the power correctly.? The cable could just be loose.? So I have her check the back and reseat the cables.

Well, it took forever for her to find the back of the Monitor in the first place.? Once she had, she wasn’t sure whether the cable she just disconnected went to the power or to the PC.? So I asked her:

“Well, ma’am, could you check where the other end of the cable goes?”

And she said. . . . . . . . .? are you ready?

“There isn’t another end.”

Hmm. .? must be a pretty long cable. . . .

Hello world! Welcome to the New DFE Blog

Well, those few of you who read the blog on a regular basis may be wondering why I decided to make the switch. There are several reasons, but the biggest being that there are just some features native to or easily added to most blogging software which are just impossible to add into the phpBB that I’ve been using. Not the least of which is the ability to see more than one entry at a time. I tried making that work with phpBB, but if it is do-able, it is beyond my means.

Additionally, syndication of this feed is much easier and more robust than with phpBB. You can use the Topics_anywhere.php thing, but really, its more of a hassle than its worth. I was also able to add on the trendy tags and links, which are actually quite helpful from the perspective of being able to post external articles of interest, even when I don’t have time to comment on them fully.

Anyway, I am hoping that people will like the new page, and I continue to tinker with it as I go.