Which is Worse? The Claim or the Reaction?

Bugs from outer space. Its not just a b-movie title in the making, its the claim of a scientist studying meteorite material. That claim is being simultaneously announced and dismissed across the media spectrum. And the reaction of his fellow scientists is, according to at least one source, “dismay”:

Bugs From Space? Forget It – ScienceInsider

Planetary scientists gathered here for the annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference are greeting news of life in a meteorite with dismay. Dismay because they fear that for the third time in 50 years they are being dragged into a dubious controversy that will do science little good. Whether they have closely examined the paper by astrobiologist Richard Hoover of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center or only heard about it in the hallways, the reaction is the same: not again.

I’m so glad to have been informed of this new development which is also old news and never had any validity in the first place, whether or not anyone with knowledge of the subject read the paper.