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1%: I’m a Thinker

Not to pick on Eric Massa, but here’s a pretty typical press release on the plan to make AIG execs pay 100% in taxes on their bonuses.

Question: whether out of largess or punishment, what does it profit our society when our leaders choose to craft public policy effecting 100% of us based it on how it affects 1% of us? I think answering this question aught to be the first thing on all of our minds as we continue to wrangle with our economic situation.

I’m a Thinker

I think that, Eric Massa‘s vocal support of the bill notwithstanding, the idea of taxing the bonus money from AIG is remarkably bad policy on any number of levels. But the suggestion that “risk-averse” companies might not take part in bailout efforts because of the punitive measures such as these is fatuous on the face of it.

I thought that the reason we needed to pass the initial bailout bill was because the only other alternative was the collapse of banks across the country and a collapse of our economy along with them? If that’s the case, what alternative do companies have besides participating in the bailout efforts, other than collapse? I’m thinking that if the answer is anything other than collapse, they probably shouldn’t be stepping up to suck the teet of Washington, should they?

Hard to know which bullshit coming out of Wall Street is the correct bullshit to listen to. My vote would be not to listen to any of it.

More Thinking of Thoughts

Do Republicans think George Bush invented government? Because if not, and if you take the more accepted version of history, namely that large social structures and governments are really a product of human evolution, it’s difficult to understand how he deserves credit for the fact that Iraqis are finally forming their own government. It seems like anywhere on the map where an assemblage of humans has existed with an absence of government, a government has eventually formed.

That our troops happen to have been there at the time, struggling to keep the peace, does not mean that Bush’s policies are what led us to this pass.