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Get a New Act

When it comes to trumpeting the failed policies and anaemic strategies of the national Republican Party, our local Republican Representatives never fail to live up to expectations.  Randy Kuhl and Tom Reynolds (who?) are both making public statements in favour of more drilling to solve our nation’s oil crisis.

Where is the pressure – from either party – on American auto makers to produce energy-efficient cars?  Where is the effort to bring manufacturers together around the idea of creating energy-efficient home appliances?

Debating the efficacy of drilling or bitching about coal isn’t getting us anywhere.

Reynolds is Out

Great news for Jon Powers (whom I was supposed to meet with last night, which didn’t happen for personal reasons). The embattled NRCC Chairman and scandal-monger Tom Reynolds has announced he will be retiring. That leaves the seat wide open, no incumbency issues for Jon Powers to deal with, in a political environment which has thus far swung in the direction of Democrats.

The Daily Politics – NY Daily News

But the recent NRCC fraud scandal – some of which took place on his watch – has made his re-election effort that much more difficult in an already tough year (increasingly Democratic state, presidential election etc).

Were he to run, this would be the second election-year scandal in a row for Reynolds. The first, of course, was the Mark Foley page debacle.

Kiddie-Shield Reynolds in Trouble Again

The Kiddie Shield

Exile at RT picked up on a gem this morning which I’m only just now catching up to. Apparently, Tom Reynolds is in trouble again for his role as Republican Congressional Committee chairman. I suppose that it’s only to be expected that the man at the top of the sleaze heap should be found guilty of still more sleaze. Hopefully, some will stick on him for good this time.