Your phone working ok? There’s an app for that.

Just realized today that Target has an app for your iPhone or Android device. Target.

Now, I don’t want to over state my case, here. Perhaps there are those people for whom shopping at Target is a real challenge; people for whom a Target application on their phone is a life-safer. But I’m going to guess that, for the rest of us, a Target application is going to have a very limited usefulness, indeed.

But Target is not alone, nor do I want to make an example of them. Virtually every company – brick and mortar or otherwise – has their own customized application for you to download and… well, use, I presume. Some are pretty handy: I really like Walgreen’s pharmacy app because I can just scan my ‘scripts and have them filled out. Others maybe just teeter on the edge of uselessness.

Here’s the thing: your phone has a limit of how many apps it can hold. Your phone also can only handle so many apps running at the same time. And presumably, having a lot of apps sitting on your screen just makes everything a bit confusing: did I install that app, or not? Do I really want to go searching while trying to check out at my Megamart of Choice?

Fortunately, there is one all-inclusive app that is a must-have for any serious smartphone user. It is nearly limitless in its ability to obtain many useful bits of information at any given time. Unlike the universal remotes of the past, it does not include a bunch of esoteric, single-use buttons or gizmos. In fact, the same set of basic controls – there are only five – will do everything you want to do on any number of topics including just about everything you’ve ever installed an app for.

Its called a browser.