Wow! Busy Morning

Whoa. Puff, puff, puff.

I’ve been working on my news feed this morning, and there’s enough news for the day that I almost won’t need to fill up the feed with anything new for a while. But here’s a few stories I’m watching right now:

  • Sad news for all those poor suckers who got taken in by the Gen-See Capital Corporation. They won’t probably be getting any money back, and if they do, it won’t be for years.
  • the D&C is reporting this morning that Wilmot owes the city $18 million that the mayor says they will need to find “options” to recoup. Sounds like a lawsuit to me. And here they are, also asking for money to renovate East View Mall. Ain’t that some shit?
  • Double-banger, here. While the stimulus package reaches a whopping $850 billion dollars, a recent WSJ/CBS poll shows huge, unprecedented support for both President Elect Obama and the stimulus package which has grown so gargantuan. Hey, maybe this president will actually ask us to ante up and kick in this time, instead of telling us to go shopping like on 9/11.
  • And just because I think it’s interesting, it seems that the recession is starting to hit the fine dining establishments of New York and Chicago. I find this interesting in particular because I suspect this wouldn’t have been the case twenty years ago. My suspicion is that The Food Network and Bravo have created a new “foodie” culture of middle-class food enthusiasts who now make up more of the customer base of such restaurants than they ever have in the past.