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RIT project spreads wind farms across Kosovo

Imagine trying to farm under the pall of lignite coal smoke. Imagine what that dairy must taste like, since the cows are breathing the same acrid air as you.

In the newly-independent Kosovo, dairy farmers are dealing with just such problems. And on top of that, the coal-burning electric plants that pollute the air often don’t even meet the needs of their customers, dropping service routinely. But a group of boffins from RIT plans to help transition local farmers over to small personal wind farms that will provide enough constant power that, like their American counterparts, may even allow farmers to sell unused electric back to the grid.

It’s an exciting program that likely will reveal processes and efficiencies whose usefulness will extend well beyond the Central European nation. For example, the project has already developed a system of transient recorders to monitor the power output of individual wind mills and report that data back via cellular comms.

Winds of Change: Kosovo – RIT News.