Wisconsin State Senator Tackled on His Way Into the Capitol Building

Sometimes, the back-and-forth of politics is fun to watch. But this isn’t a game, as this video in Wisconsin demonstrates. A local television media posted video, linked to below at TPM, of a State Senator apparently getting tackled by cops on his way inside the building:

Video Apparently Shows Wisconsin Rep Getting Tackled By Officers VIDEO | TPMMuckraker.

Trouble with video is: its very visceral but often lacks context. In this case, we don’t see what happened before and we don’t see what happened after the event – which is very irritating inasmuch as this is a nominally professional news agency who was surely running the camera for longer than the clip they posted.

That Senator might have said something truly awful about that cop’s sister. Its also possible that the cop was possessed just moments before by the spirit of Bam Bam Bigelow. Unlikely, I grant you. But the point we don’t know just what did happen.

And everybody in the political realm will do their level best to make this video damning of their opposition.